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Welcome to the New Casa Solution Site – So Many New Features

We are committed to helping you to find the home or property that is right for you in the best way possible . This new custom website has been created to serve you with innovative features to make searching for a home or property in Panama easier and more enjoyable. It has been specifically designed Read More

Report: Buyers now opting for “more progressive” Panama

  Being so close to the Costa Rica border, Casa Solution receives many real estate buyers who either have considered Costa Rica as an alternative or are relocating from Costa Rica.  What we hear consistently from them is that Costa Rica is a beautiful place but a difficult place to live and invest as a Read More

Can I get a loan to buy property in Panama?

The reality is that most foreigners who buy in Panama buy without a loan or financing.  Those with the means to purchase property without a loan are in a better position to get the best pricing and terms as well as to complete a transaction quickly.  However, bank loans or owner financing are viable alternatives Read More

NPR on Panama

“Panama’s Canal Divides A Country Into Haves And Have-Nots” It is true that Panama has a lot of poverty and that inequality is very evident. The good news is that with so much economic growth, while greatly enriching the influential of the country, the lot of Panamanians as a whole has also improved.  The average Read More