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Lucero Homes and Golf, Boquete, Panama – Houses, Townhouses & Lots for Sale

This fabulous community with many of the finest houses in Boquete and an astounding 18 hole championship golf course has become a favorite of the discerning Boquete resident.  The property is beautiful with a myriad of impressive new luxury homes.  The golf course is clearly one of the best in the country and the clay Read More

Copa Airlines the Most Profitable in the World

Another reason for Panamanians to be Happy. The Panamanian airline is first in profitability among all major airlines worldwide.  Have you flown Copa lately?  It is a pleasure.  More meals, new planes, comfortable seats, friendly flight attendants…. and the most profit?  Expect this Panamanian airline  to Panama to keep growing and growing.  Also watch while Read More

Rudy Giuliani vs. Noriega – It’s On!

   It’s On! In this cornnnnner, Freedom Fighter Rudolph “El Alcade” Giuliani, weighing in at a nonfat yogurt reduced unknown weight. And in this cornnnnnner, Former Panamanian Dictator, Manuel “Hate That Prison Food” Noriega. You may have heard that former dictator (currently jailed in Panama) Manuel Noriega recently placed a U.S. lawsuit against Activision for Read More

Panama President Varela plans $35 billion in infrastructure projects

President Varela was recently on an official trip to Spain.  He announced plans for $35 billion in projects with specifics to come.  To start with is the major expansion of the Metro Subway project,  a second subway line which is going forward. The huge Panama Canal expansion is forging ahead with a new projected completion Read More

More Good Economic News

Two weeks ago we reported on how Panama is leading Latin American growth, this week comes good news on inflation and continued growth. Panama’s inflation rate has gone down to 2.1% on lower transportation, healthcare and clothing costs, the lowest since December 2009.  After averaging 4.87% between 2008 and 2014, the 2.1% rate is welcome Read More

More Worldwide Coverage on Panama’s #1 Happiness Ranking

There has been a lot of coverage on Panama’s ranking.  Here are a few of the articles. Forbes – “It Must Be The Inequality That Makes Panama The Happiest Country In The World” – Tim Worstall 9/18/14 (With) the slightly surprising news that Panama is actually the happiest country in the world, overtaking the former Read More

“This Might be Frank Gehry’s Craziest Building Yet” – Fast Company

This really wild-looking museum on the Amador Causeway in Panama City is another feather in Panama’s hat.  It’s due to open next week on October 2, 2014.  As a narrow land-bridge between North and South America Panama has been blessed with astonishing wildlife diversity.  This new attraction honors that distinction as well as provides another Read More

Forbes – “It Must Be The Inequality That Makes Panama The Happiest Country In The World”

The article below  from Tim Worstall at Forbes is pointing out that economic egalitarianism is not the only cause for well-being and happiness. What is it that makes people feel well if not money? Having more money than in the past and being optimistic about more on the way is important, but if that were Read More

“World’s happiest country: how did Panama overtake Denmark?” – The Guardian

There is something about the culture and setting of Latin America that makes people feel good.  Add to that balmy inclination a booming economy, increasing wealth, decent healthcare, essentially zero unemployment and gorgeous natural wonders all around and you get lots of smiles. This article says that “suddenly there is a new leader in the Read More

Gallup Video – “Panama Leads the World in Well-being”

Panama is number one in a measure of well-being of 135 countries. This video makes it clear – Panama’s people are “thriving.”  When considering where to spend your time, be around people who are happy and optimistic about the future. All of that joy is bound to rub off. The research measured five components of Read More

Is Boquete the World’s Happiest Place?

Panama Wins Happiness Again in 2014! Gallup, the respected international polling organization, interviewed 1,000 people in each of 148 countries throughout the world to measure people’s happiness with the results released in December 2012. Panama incredibly earned the distinction of the number 1 happiest place in the world. Fast forward to 2014 and Panama does Read More