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Prime Commercial Lot in David near Calle F Sur

This lot is in a great location for a commerical enterprise.  It is a flat lot on a high traffic street connecting to major thoroughfares.

Updated – It’s Happening – Schedule Announced – Big News: Copa Plans 14 flights a Week to David

Now announced – Copa will start the flights  between Panama City Tocumen and David, Panama on January 15, 2015.  Schedule is: Morning Flights Panama City (Tocumen) to David         departs 7:55  am   arrives 8:59 am David to Panama City (Tocumen) to David         departs 9:29 am   arrives 10:20 am Afternoon Flights Read More

Casa Solution Real Estate Newsletter – News, Properties & Boquete’s Holiday Schedule – Oct. 24, 2014

Click here for the October 9, 2014 Casa Solution Real Estate Newsletter In this Issue: Panama and Columbia Reach Agreement Boquete November Parade/Event Schedule Trump’s New Casino New York Times Gehry Article Port Expansion Owner Financing in Panama What does $8 million buy in Boquete? Great Deals of the Month Over 80 Exclusive Listings Over Read More

October 9, 2014 Casa Solution Newsletter

Click here for the October 9, 2014 Casa Solution Real Estate Newsletter In this issue: Panama Canal Expansion Video Canal Big Deal for US Engineers Panama’s Credit Rating Lost in Paradise  Panama Relocating Animals    A New Free Trade Agreement Coffee Prices Hit 2 Year High Great Deals of the Month Over 80 Exclusive Listings Read More

September 24, 2014 Casa Solution Real Estate Newsletter – Boquete is the World’s Happiest Place

  Click here for the September 24, 2014 Casa Solution Real Estate Newsletter   In this edition: In this Issue: Gallup Video Explains …         “Panama Leads the World in Wellbeing” Is Boquete the World’s Happiest Place?   $35 Billion in Infrastructure Coming New Museum “Craziest Building Yet”    Rudy Giuliani vs. Noreiga – It’s Read More

September 15, 2014 Casa Solution Real Estate Newsletter

Click here for the September 15, 2014 Casa Solution Real Estate Newsletter   In this edition: The New Website    Starbucks is Coming Buyers opting for “more progressive” Panama Ride the first Subway in Latin America Panama Leads Latin American Growth Great Deals of the Month Over 80 Exclusive Listings Over 400 Boquete Area Listings 3D Read More

Panama Impressive #1 and Top Distinctions

It is impressive how often Panama comes in at #1.  Among the distinctions are: New: Only Hypergrowth Economy for Next Five Years in Entire Western Hemisphere per Havard Business Review Highest Economic Growth Rate in all of Central and South America First Monorail in Central America World’s Longest Airline Flight All 20 of the Tallest Read More

Panama News – Metro Video, Louisiana, Noreiga, Tocumen, Economy, and Jets

Some other recent news as of November 6, 2014: A Ride on the New Panama Metro, Central America’s First Subway The new Metro is getting great reviews.  35¢ a ride? Oh the simple pleasures…but it will go up soon. This feature shows it well from South Louisiana and Panama bolster alliance An example of Read More

A Friendly Look at the new President of Panama – Georgia Tech Grad

 _ Curious about what Juan Carlos Varela is like? This short video of his recent visit to Georgia where he visited the CDC reveals a sociable side of our new Presidente. It also highlights the connections between Panama and the United States. President Varela is a graduate of and advisor to Georgia Tech. Of note Read More

High Fashion in Panama Mercedes Benz Style

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – Panama Panamanians who have any means are very snazzy dressers and Panamanian women aspire to as well as understand high fashion. So, it makes sense that Panama become a destination for Latin American style. Last week was Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Panama. The event was a successful international fashion Read More

UK’s Biggest Financial Magazine Loves Panama

Moneyweek loves Panama. We can expect these kinds of investor raves about the country to keep coming. One of the main features of the article is mining. Just one new major mine in Panama is expected to add a $6.4 billion investment to the Panama economy.  That’s comparable to the amount being invested in the Read More

Stem Cell Treatment in Panama – Two Men’s Stories

I was fascinated to hear recently that one of our clients in Boquete is traveling regularly to Panama City for stem cell treatment. The treatment is incomplete and while I get the impression they are still assessing its effectiveness, they also mentioned some improvement. We are reluctant to tout this option without knowing more about Read More

Colombia and Columbia

COLOMBIA. After last month’s newsletter, we received a surge of helpful responses letting us know that we had misspelled the country of Colombia. Thank you for the feedback. For the record, it is a matter of pride for Colombians and simply correct to spell the country of Colombia with an “o” instead of a “u”. Read More

What Should I Expect in a Panama Real Estate Transaction?

This very good article from succinctly explains what to expect when you proceed with a Panama property purchase. It refers to six hazards, but really outlines six characteristics of the typical transaction that are very useful to know. We are impressed by and would agree with most of the article with some caveats. The Read More

The Hotel Rooms Keep Coming – Hyatt Place and Grace Just Opened

– Thousands of new hotel rooms are coming on-line in Panama City and the Pacific beaches keeping the prices down. There was a notable spike in room prices from about 2006 to roughly 2010. But all the new hotels coming on line have subdued pricing in Panama City.  This month we have Hyatt Place and Read More