Monthly Archives: July 2015

From San Francisco, Here They Come!!! Copa Announces Direct Flights to Panama

Another Big Copa announcement.  After recent additions like Chicago, New Orleans and Denver, now Copa will fly direct from San Francisco to Panama City starting in September, 2015.  Given San Francisco’s sky high real estate prices, imagine the impact on Panama’s real estate market when those buyers have direct flights.    Let’s see, what does $1,000,000 Read More

Mexico – Panama: Free Trade Agreement in Effect – Pacific Alliance A Step Closer

The Panama – Mexico free trade agreement is now in effect.  The pro-trade, pro-business government of Panama continues to bank on free trade.  Free trade agreements with the United States and Canada have been in effect since 2012 and 2013 respectively for example. Panama imported nearly $1 billion from Mexico last year while exporting only Read More

Panama Pulls Out of Trump’s Miss Universe Contest

Trump’s offensive and ridiculous comment that Mexican immigrants are rapists, drug dealers and criminals did not play well in Panama.    And, on the eve of an enormous trade deal between Panama and Mexico going into effect, I don’t think it was a difficult decision to pull out of the event. In the meantime, Trump’s Read More