Monthly Archives: November 2015

$31 Million for Chiriqui Sports – Includes Major Fútbol / Soccer & Baseball Stadiums

Panama is investing in Chiriqui sports. Stadiums and Ballparks will be sprouting throughout Chiriqui Province as 28 projects bring playing fields and facilities throughout the region. Panama is a land of athletes and Chiriqui has consistently produced some of the best athletes in Panama. Now they will have more quality facilities to help them realize Read More

Panama Experiencing Lower Consumer Prices

   Despite a roaring economy and recent minimum wage increases, Panama’s consumer prices are dropping according to the official estimates.  Factors may include lower oil prices, responsible self-restraint in major governmental construction projects, and a change in the way the index is calculated. Regardless, whereas some countries in Latin America have been plagued with inflation Read More

Boquete Independence Day Parades a Success

November is a month of celebrations and Independence Days for Panamanians. Boquete is host to some of the most exciting parades of the season.  Panamanians from all over the country and tourists pour into our little pueblo for fun and revelry. This year, Casa Solution had the privilege of sponsoring the award-winning marching band from Read More

New $1 Billion Solar Energy Project & Research Center Announced

Incredible. Another $Billion dollar project for Panama. Billion dollar investment.  Economic Development.  Clean Energy.  Panama to become an Advanced Solar and Environment Research Center…  What’s not to like? The cost of solar energy development has dropped so much in the last few years, that solar has become a great option for clean energy development.  This Read More

New Wind Farm in Panama Biggest in Central America – Clinton Attends Opening

Panama has taken a big step forward with this $570 million project.  Panama’s rapid growth is coupled with increased power demands.  In a small country like Panama, one large wind farm can provide an impressive percentage of total energy needs.   But, with Panama’s sizzling economy, it is estimated that $3 billion more will be spent Read More

Amazing Star Gazing & SETI in Boquete

  The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence has a friend in Boquete. Boquete is a wonderful place for star gazing.  Clear nights here provide minimal light pollution.  That translates to amazing star studded skies from your home’s balcony or yard.   It’s wonderful to see the Milky Way in all it’s glory.  Boquete is a beautiful spot Read More

Trump Wants $75 million from Panama Condo Owners

Trump’s penchant for “shock and awe” news cycles has turned attention to Panama. On the one side condo owners of Panama City’s Trump Ocean Club, Latin America’s tallest building, are claiming Trump’s malfeasance. On the other is Trump response of a high profile international lawsuit seeking major damages.   It seems when you are running for Read More

Jumping off a Helicopter & Flying in a Wingsuit through Panama City (video)

A nifty view of Panama City from brave and maybe a little crazy Brandon Mikesell who jumped from a helicopter and flew between the skyscrapers in this short video. “In most of the world, flying down in the city skyline is very illegal, so we had to get special permits and work with the city Read More