Monthly Archives: June 2016

Massive Expansion Planned for Main Road to Volcan

The main road between the Pan American Highway and Volcan is about to see a massive expansion project.  The road will change from two lanes to four (meaning two lanes in each direction).  Until now, the road to beautiful Volcan / Cerro Punta has meant if you get behind a slow moving vehicle such as Read More

New Boquete Convention Center – Amador Convention Center to Be Completed

The central government recently announced that the striking new Amador Convention Center in Panama City would be completed.  Its construction had stalled in the change of administrations.  The redesigned Center will make Panama one of the prime destinations for large conventions in Central America.  It is anticipated to be completed in 2018 with an investment Read More

New Boquete to Volcan Road

  Nearly a decade ago, it was announced that a road would be built between Boquete and Volcan.  The original “Ruta Sur” was to go through Palmira into Potrerrillos Arriba and then to the main road and on to Volcan.  The work began and an impressive new paved route wound its way past Boquete Country Read More

USA Today Features Boquete / Panama Coffee Dominance plus Tourism

Boquete Panama produces the finest specialty coffee in the world.  Volcan offerings have also sometimes taken the top spot.  The region’s coffee is highly sought after.  Tastings and coffee tours have become a popular attraction in the area.  It is a unique gift of talent and generations of experience combined with perfect conditions in the Read More