Dale Steinke’s Review of Casa Solution – “So Impressed” “Amazed at the Professionalism and the Willingness to Help us” “Highly Recommend”

“Thank you for all your help, we are happy to be owners of a piece of Panama. The staff at Casa Solution made our land purchase a very satisfying experience. Casa Solution staff was very helpful in helping us find the place we were looking for, paying attention to what we wanted (not like some others that try to sell us anything for a quick dollar).  This was the most memorable land purchase to date for us and we have purchased several pieces of land in other places. I am still amazed at the professionalism and the willingness to help us, and the quick response to all our numerous questions, that the Casa Solution staff have provided. I am so impressed that I hope to work with Casa Solution again soon and would recommend them to anyone that is looking to sell or purchase properties in Panama. Not sure if possible, but would love to work for Casa Solution once we move to Panama (so happy with the experience that I would like to be a part of helping others have the same experience).
Very happy with our decision to use Casa Solution and would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Thanks to Gabriella and to everyone else in the office, We will stop by once we return to Panama to personally show our gratitude.” – Dale Steinke

Thank You, Dale! 

We are deeply grateful for you.

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