Dr. Sharon & Terence Biggs’ Feedback for Casa Solution – “Patient, Understanding, Kind, Knowledgeable, and Professional”

“To the Leadership at Casa Solution,

As a leadership trainer I am constantly reminding leaders-in-training that leadership is not only about communicating, but it is primarily about connecting. As entrepreneurs, when we meet a new prospect, it is imperative for us to establish rapport (empathy, understanding, harmony, sympathy, bond, etc.) with them in order to convert them from being a prospect to a new client. This is how successful organizations are built!

Relocating from the United States of America to the Republic of Panama comes with many moving parts and various challenges. One of the challenges is finding a new place to call home. When we were in the USA, we contacted Casa Solution by email regarding our need for a place to live in Chiriqui, Panama. Almost instantly, we received a response from Sony Gonzalez. In our email exchanges, he was able to establish rapport with us. This continued when we arrived in Boquete. He picked us up at our AirBnB and, at our request, took us to see several rentals. In addition, he drove us around and pointed out several places of importance. He was patient, understanding, kind, knowledgeable, and professional. Working with Sony, who picked us up and showed us rental units for the next few days, we were able to see and secure a condo for rental within days. This was an important step in our relocation process in that it established a foundation for us to build upon in Panama.

We want to thank the leadership of Casa Solution for recruiting, hiring and supporting talented individuals like Sony Gonzalez because these individuals play a vital role in unpacking some of life’s more challenging endeavors. With Sony’s help, we now have a beautiful place to call home as we begin building new beginnings in Panama.” – Terence H. Biggs II & Dr. Sharon M. Biggs

Excellence Without Excuse (SM),

Terence H. Biggs II & Dr. Sharon M. Biggs

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