Karen and Fred Fleet’s Review of Casa Solution – “A Very Good Experience” “Smooth and Seamless” “Would We Work With Casa Solution Again? A Definite YES”

“Working with Eric Durocher, our realtor from Casa Solution, and Gabriella Rodriguez, our “personal concierge”, was a very good experience. We found Eric to be a fountain of information and helpful in getting answers to our questions during the preparation-for-sale process. He represented both us (the sellers) and the buyers. I believe he did so fairly and justly for us both.

The handoff from Sales to the “escrow process” was very smooth and seamless. Gabriella was also very informative, helpful, and resourceful in getting any questions answered quickly and efficiently. Eric and Gabriella must be the “gold standard” for Casa Solution.  There were some hiccups due to the Buyer having to complete the process of getting their Foundation created prior to the transfer of the property, however, with a short delay we were able to finalize “escrow”.

I highly recommend that the final financial settlement documentation be improved to more closely reflect the U.S./Canadian standards as a level of professionalism. The buyers and we communicated frequently, and although a bit unorthodox, it was necessary to ensure transfer of services (internet, electricity, etc.) by working together, and to bring peace of mind that all was progressing with our attorneys.

Although we were very familiar and comfortable with working with attorneys in Panama, it was a learning experience for the buyer.  My attorney Juan Aguilera Franceschi was timely in providing the information to the buyer’s attorney who performed the “escrow”.

Would we work with Casa Solution again? A definite “yes”.  Thank you to the team supporting Eric and Gabriella!” –  Karen and Fred Fleet