New $12 Million Boquete Public Hospital – Also Available to Expats


Boquete residents benefit greatly from proximity to David’s health and other resources.  With the new four lane road, David is only 20-30 minutes away.  Meanwhile as David is seeing major hospital resource upgrades, Boquete will also soon have a new local public health facility.  More than half complete, Policlínica de Boquete – Chiriquí is conveniently located on the main road between Boquete and David in Alto Boquete.

As a social security facility, it will primarily serve Panamanians. However, for a charge, it will provide emergency room services and other health services to expats.  This will provide added peace of mind to new residents concerned about availability of local emergency help when needed.

The facility will have 16 doctor offices.

5 for specialties, 6 for general medicine, 3 dentistry, 2 nursing

Areas for the following services will included: physical therapy, radiology, electrocardiogram, adult health, lab clinic, vision, cardiology, urology, maternity, pharmacy, emergency room, social work, and administrative offices.  They will also offer family medicine, general surgery and psychiatry.

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