Sandi Parkinson’s Review of Casa Solution – “Always Willing to Go the Extra Mile” “Were There for Me”

“I recently sold my house through Casa solution as well as buying my new home through them.  I’ve known the people at Casa Solution for 11 years because we bought our house lot through them.  Their entire staff, both office staff and sales agents, are knowledgeable, personable and always willing to go the extra mile to help their client.

Their sales agents are extremely familiar with Boquete and it’s surrounding area.  Everyone in the office handling the paperwork is always so friendly.  It’s always a joy to see them.

My particular transaction in selling my home was of an unusual nature but I always knew that the sales agent and the staff were there for ME.   Although I don’t really care to think about moving again, if I were to move, I will use Casa solution again.” –  Sandi Parkinson


Thank You Sandi!

We are deeply grateful for you.

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