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Coastal Serenity: Lot Near the Beach for Sale in Las Lajas, Chiriqui
Las Lajas, Chiriqui
  • 800 SQ. M

    0.2 Acres

    (Lot Size)

Immerse yourself in the coastal paradise of Las Lajas, nestled near the shores of Playa Las Lajas. This flat land lot is strategically located a mere 100 meters from the beach access point.

Electricity and internet connectivity are available in the area.

Ideal for discerning individuals seeking to realize their coastal dreams, this lot offers an array of possibilities.

Las Lajas is renowned for its captivating beauty, boasting an extensive stretch of sandy beach that remains pleasantly uncrowded.  Its tranquil atmosphere sets it apart as an enticing destination for seekers of serenity.

Swimming in the ocean here is a delightful experience, with gentle waves and panoramic views of tropical islands such as Ensenada and Silva de Afuera in the distance.

Conveniently located near David, Panama's second most important city, and the Inter-American Highway, Las Lajas beach has become a sought-after destination. This popularity is further heightened by the availability of restaurants and resorts in the area, offering day passes for visitors to relish their time by the ocean.

Accessible within approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes from David or 1 hour and 45 minutes from Boquete via the well-maintained Pan American Highway, Las Lajas presents a seamless blend of convenience and natural splendor.

Lined with majestic palm trees and tropical foliage, Las Lajas beach boasts long stretches of pristine sand, inviting leisurely strolls and moments of sheer relaxation. The crashing waves provide an excellent opportunity for body surfing.

Immerse yourself in the captivating ambiance of Las Lajas, where the beach seems to stretch endlessly, palm trees sway gently, and the mist from the ocean creates an almost mystical atmosphere.

While popular among locals during certain national holidays, Las Lajas remains a serene haven away from the bustling world during other times, offering a tranquil setting perfect for sunbathing and rejuvenation.

Nearby resorts, some featuring beachfront pool areas and restaurants are also there for you along the sandy shores of Las Lajas.

Embrace the allure of Las Lajas and discover this Coastal Serenity: Lot for Sale in Las Lajas, Panama.