5 Hectares of Land (12 Plus Acres) for Sale in Boqueron, Panama

List Price: $199,000
Lot Size : 50,000 Sq.M

12.36 Acres

Location: Potrerillos, Volcan, Panama

This is a large parcel of nice flat land for sale in Boqueron, Panama.

Want more land? The total property is over 10 hectares and has a house on it. You can choose to purchase just 5 hectares for $199,000, the other 5 hectares plus the house for $249,000 or 10 hectares (101,413 square meters) plus the house for $448,000.

Listed under Volcan, Panama due to proximity. Also, this property for sale is close to Volcan, Panama and Boquete.

Please contact Casa Solution for more information or to visit this 10 Hectares of Relatively Flat Land Plus a House for sale in Boqueron, Chiriqui, Panama.

Listed under Volcan, Panama due to proximity.