Cambutal House Plus 4-Bedroom Apartment with Great Location in Town – Fixer Upper

List Price: $80,000
House Size: 1,829.00 Sq.Ft
170.00 Sq.M
Lot Size : 488 Sq.M

0.12 Acres

Bedroom(s): 5
Bathroom(s): 3
Location: Cambutal, All, Los Santos, Panama

Right in the heart of Cambutal is this house for sale with 2 separate living spaces sitting on the main road.  It is right in town. The property is located just 1.2 kilometers, much less than a mile, away from the beach area.

This property has a modern apartment unit in the front with one bedroom, one bathroom, pantry or storage room, and an open living room and kitchen. This space is partially remodeled and could use some work on the bathroom, roof, and a few other spots. The front garden is 45m2 or 484 square feet.

In the back of the property, there is a separate 4-bedroom apartment with a kitchen area.  This space is halfway renovated with Italian flooring and plumbing, French windows, and ceiling lights.  It is a also a bit of a fixer-upper.

In the yard, some mango and palm trees are found.  The backyard is of decent size (around 280m2 or 3,014 square feet) and there is space to build some additional casitas.

This property would be great to run a hostel, for long-term rentals, or having a store-front commercial space with a commodious apartment in the back.

Please contact Casa Solution if you have any questions or would like to visit this House Plus Apartment with Great Location in Town in Cambutal Panama.