Into the Woods Sustainable Homes in The Springs Boquete

List Price: $417,000
House Size: 2,400.00 Sq.Ft
222.97 Sq.M
Lot Size : 1,000 Sq.M

0.25 Acres

Bedroom(s): 3
Bathroom(s): 2
Location: Palo Alto, Boquete, Panama

Boquete has long been a center of ecotourism in Panama as a gateway into the wilderness.

And, it has become an international retirement haven due to its perfect blend of convenience, tranquility and affordability.

Tucked away in the beautiful Talamanca Mountains at an elevation of 4,500 feet, INTO THE WOODS is a dream destination for any nature lover´s home.

The development of these exceptional homes will encompass the principles of sustainable design and construction including: consideration of site topography, native plants and wildlife; consideration of house size, footprint and positioning; protection and conservation of water; minimization of non-renewable energy consumption; use of environmentally preferable building materials; enhancement of indoor environmental quality and consideration of future operation and maintenance practices.

What does this mean to a future home owner?
Imagine both passive and active solar energy to reduce your electricity bills.
Imagine a system to capture rainwater for a kitchen garden and fruit trees thus reducing your fresh food costs.
Imagine a reserve water tank and purification system to eliminate the need to buy water bottled in plastics.
Imagine the satisfaction of knowing you are part of the solution to create a healthier planet and a healthier you!

Built of steel and concrete with large expanses of operable windows, the two level, three bedroom/two bath home is nestled amid mature native trees and overlooks a stunning panorama.

From every room the views unfold to reveal a natural spring, a valley filled with coffee plantations, and forested hillsides climbing to the crest of formidable Volcan Baru, Panama´s highest peak.

The homes will be constructed in Palo Alto, Boquete, Panama on a well paved road just outside the center of town.

A cluster of homes of international style in harmony with the natural environment…today and for all your tomorrows.

INTO THE WOODS Sustainable Homes is a design/construction project by Fresh Homes Arquitectos, David, Panama in The Springs Boquete.

The developer will provide you with the lot and access to the plans for this home.  Then, you contract with the architects for a build using those plans that can be adapted to your needs.  The total cost of land plus completed home is approximately $417,000.

The lots are also available for sale for you to build your own custom home which could be of different design.  Here are photos and more information of the 2 remaining lots for sale that could accommodate this house design.

Other lots are also available for sale in The Springs Boquete.

More about The Springs Boquete

Like Living in a Landscape Painting…

The Springs Boquete presents the finest residence sites that Boquete has to offer. On the green side of town, this quality development has been gently crafted to provide an environment full of artistic pleasures, relaxing parks and full enjoyment of the natural beauty of Boquete. Less than 5 minutes to downtown and near La Amistad International Park, the property is filled with flowers, rainbow sitings, a wide range of bird and plant species and unobstructed “Espectacular” views of Volcan Baru and Kotowa coffee fields.  Authentic. Beautiful. Secure. Artistic. Serene. Convenient. Comfortable. Stimulating. A must see location for those considering sites for their new home in Boquete.

For more information contact Casa Solution at [email protected] and 507-720-1331.