Low Price Beach Houses for Sale in Las Olas, La Barqueta Resort Development

List Price: $150,000
House Size: 1,100.00 Sq.Ft
102.19 Sq.M
Lot Size : 618 Sq.M

0.15 Acres

Bedroom(s): 2
Bathroom(s): 2
Location: La Barqueta, Pacific Beaches Chiriqui, Panama

These low price two bedroom beach houses in the most developed resort in the entire Chirqui Province are an excellent opportunity to own a stand-alone house at the beach at a low price.   This is ideal if you have dreamed of living in a brand new house in a tropical resort community or for those seeking a reasonably priced second home beach option.

These houses are built by a well-known and established local builder.   They are just one house from the beach in an already well-built out area of the development of high-end homes.

Each house for sale includes 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry, terrace and carport.

The finishes included in the price include imported tiles, wall tiles all the way up to the ceiling in the bathrooms, granite countertop in the kitchen, aluminum sliding windows and kitchen cabinets.

There are multiple lot choices.  Some lots are slightly larger and cost up to about $10,000 more than the price cited here.  Five of the houses are for the price shown with no additional charge for the lot.  Additional houses after the first five have an upcharge of $25,000 for the lot.  The price shown does not include the $3,000 legal fee charged by the seller.

As further clarification, there are five houses which includes the price of the lot with the total cost of $150,000 plus $3,000 legal fees.  Then there are additional lot options at slightly higher prices.

Pools are available to be added at an additional cost.

Please contact Casa Solution for more information on these Low Price Beach Houses for Sale in Las Olas, La Barqueta Resort Development.

This house in Las Olas resort is in the nearest recreational beach access to rapidly growing David, Panama (Panama’s third largest city) and famous Boquete.  La Barqueta is just west of David between David and close to the border with Costa Rica.

Las Olas is the most developed and impressive beach resort in all of Chiriqui Province.  Many luxury homes and impressive quality condominiums have been built in this 2,000 acre development and it enjoys the security and amenities of Las Olas as well as a great location about a half hour from David’s city amenities.