2.47 acres with Year-round Stream in Potrerillos

List Price: $65,000
Lot Size : 10,000 Sq.M

2.50 Acres

Location: Potrerillos, Boquete, Panama
Property Features: Mountain View, River or Stream Along Border, Volcan Baru View
A Very Special Feature: Full Year Stream

There is a well-paved large new road, the Ruta Sur, joining the Boquete region with the town of Volcan significantly shortening the time to travel between the two popular mountain areas.  The infrastructure improvement has opened up the region areas of Portrerillos to those seeking larger homesites with good access to David and Boquete.  Many foreigners and Panamanians alike has been investing in the area.

This Titled property is close to the Boquete side of Potrerillos, just 1.3 kilometers (about 1 mile) from the Ruta Sur and only .6 kilometers (less than ½ mile) on a flat easy-to-drive gravel road from the paved road.  Homes are nearby, but the property is large enough for privacy.  Water and electricity are along the edge of the finca and the property is blessed by a year-round stream along one border.  It is a relatively flat corner property that could be easily divided into two and possibly more parcels offering an opportunity to sell a part later if desired as the property appreciates in value.

The finca also boasts views of Volcan Baru, Panama’s highest peak and is only about 20-25 minutes from downtown Boquete or David.