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Serene Flat Land For Sale with Access to Chiriquí Viejo River and Volcan Baru View, and Fertile Soil in Los Cantares, Paso Ancho, Tierras Altas, Chiriqui
Paso Ancho, Volcan, Volcan, Tierras Altas & Nearby, Chiriqui
MLS# 19216
  • 36,410 SQ. M

    9 Acres

    (Lot Size)

Located in Cantares, Paso Ancho, Tierras Altas, Chiriquí, this 3-hectare, 6,410.94-square-meter lot with flat land is a real find. Just 4 kilometers from downtown and 900 meters from the main road, this property offers a peaceful spot while still being close to town.

It's important to note that the property is situated along the Chiriquí Viejo River, adding an extra allure and potentially providing direct access to this natural feature. The presence of a river can offer opportunities for water-related and recreational activities right on-site.

Nature's Beauty and Peaceful Surroundings

With beautiful mountain views and close to the Volcan Barú, this property is perfect for nature lovers. The Old Chiriquí River flows nearby, providing not just a lovely view but also the calming sound of flowing water.

Rich Plant Life: Great for Eco-Tourism

With various trees, like pines and cypress, this lot is ready for eco-friendly projects. The good soil makes it perfect for sustainable development. The property's natural features make it a great choice for anyone looking to create an eco-friendly retreat that fits in with the landscape.

Tierras Altas Chiriqui: Lots of Farms and Beautiful Scenery

Tierras Altas Chiriqui is known for its green fields and large farms. The province is a hub for farming and raising animals, thanks to its good soil and being close to the Volcan Barú. This area is essential for growing a lot of the country's staple foods.

Your Spot for Peace and Sustainable Living

This great property in Cantares, Paso Ancho, Tierras Altas, Chiriqui, is a unique chance for those who love nature, farming, and eco-friendly projects. With stunning views, good soil, and closeness to essential amenities, it's an opportunity to create a lovely eco-friendly retreat in the heart of Chiriqui's Tierras Altas.

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