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Home » Boquete Panama Real Estate News » Lost in Paradise – Myles’ and Martina’s Parrot

Lost in Paradise – Myles’ and Martina’s Parrot

On Monday, we received an email notice from News Boquete that Myles and Martina had lost their parrot. They had raised it from near birth and now it was gone. Here’s the notice:

myles parrot first 260

Lost Parrot

Area of Los Naranjos. If you see our parrot, please call Myles

We raised her from a baby.

Thanks for your help.

When I got the notice, my first thought was some sadness, then the next thought was something like – “looking for a parrot in Boquete is like looking for a pigeon in New York….uh…I don’t think so.”

But the next day….

“I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to Boquete News for existing (advertising to a wonderful community works!!), Bill Fox of Volcancito for his timely call to me, and my niece, Janet for her help.

Most of all, I could not have recovered her without the call from Bill Fox last night alerting me that she was in the area near his home. I went there early this morning. After about an hour of calling out for her and handing out flyers to the neighbors, I received a call from one of the agricultores (farmers) to whom I had spoken to an hour earlier, informing me that she was in a tree in the field. I drove back to the farm and walked into the field where the men were gathered pointing up in a tree. After only 2 minutes of loving coaxing she took flight. She stayed low, I continued calling to her sweetly…….like a movie, in front of all the workers, she flew in two large circles and came to me and perched as always on my finger. She is back home with a large appetite, and I think she is as happy as we are. Sometimes this life presents us with incredibly beautiful days!

Thanks again from Myles and Martina to a wonderful community for this great day !!”

Why do we have this in the newsletter? Because the story is a representative moment of life in Boquete. The community is caring, connected, and little miracles happen here every day. Congrats to Myles and Martina and to your pretty parrot.