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Renacimiento / Rio Sereno

Renacimiento / Rio Sereno

Rio Sereno, Renacimiento is known for its fertile land, warm people, views of the Talamanca mountain range, great sunrises rising above the Baru volcano and its excellent coffee grown at the nearby mountain area of Jurutungo and surroundings.

Rio Sereno is a small mountain town that borders Costa Rica.  Here, you will find Panamanian and Costa Rican customs offices.  There is also public transportation from Rio Sereno to Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose, and to David City, the third-largest city in Panama.

This region of Panama has very good relations with Costa Rica.    Costa Rica even celebrates ‘’El dia de la Persona Chiricana’’ (Chiricanos’ day) every May 26th since 2019.

Some of the great aspects of life in Rio Sereno include:

Natural beauty: Rio Sereno is surrounded by stunning natural beauty, including mountains, forests, and rivers. The area is great for hiking, birdwatching, and wildlife spotting.

Hot Springs: Visitors can enjoy the natural hot springs found near Rio Sereno. These thermal baths are said to have therapeutic properties and are a relaxing way to unwind after a day of exploring.

Traditional markets: The town has several small markets where you can find local handicrafts, fruits, and vegetables. This is a great way to experience the local culture and support local artisans.

Agriculture: The area around Rio Sereno is known for its agricultural production, including coffee, vegetables, and flowers. Visitors can take tours of local farms and learn about the production processes.

Festivals: Rio Sereno celebrates several festivals throughout the year, including the Feast of San Antonio and the Festival of Flowers. These events are great opportunities to experience the local culture and traditions.

Cross-border shopping: As Rio Sereno is located near the border with Costa Rica, visitors can take advantage of cross-border shopping. There are several duty-free shops where you can find bargains on electronics, clothing, and more.

Overall, Rio Sereno is a peaceful and tranquil destination, ideal for those seeking to relax in natural surroundings and experience local culture.

What To Love
  • Rich Soil
  • Accessible Yet Remote
  • Spectacular Views
  • Farming Community
  • Close to Costa Rica Border Crossing
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