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San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo is a rural community located on the banks of the Fonseca River in Panama. It was founded in 1621 by Fray Pedro Gaspar Rodríguez Valderas, who was tasked with converting the indigenous Guaymies to Christianity. The town was named in honor of Governor Lorenzo del Salto, who ordered its baptizing. San Lorenzo is located in the province of Chiriquí at an altitude of 327 meters above sea level. It has a tropical, humid climate with high temperatures and annual rainfall of less than 2,500 mm. The town is divided into 11 corregimientos, or neighborhoods, and is known for its agriculture, including rice, papaya, orange, avocado, marañon, coconut, and cattle. Tourist attractions include the Chorcha Plateau, the Barro Blanco Hill, Gamez Island, and the Guadalupe and San Lorenzo churches. If you are looking for a peaceful, rural setting with rich history and natural beauty, consider buying a property in San Lorenzo.

In addition to its town and farming communities, San Lorenzo is near some popular beaches and beautiful beach property for sale in Chiriqui Province.

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  • Natural Beauty
  • Agricultural Diversity
  • Touristic Area
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