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Explore Clayton, an exclusive neighborhood with a rich historical backdrop and contemporary allure. Once the stronghold of the feared Southern Command of the United States Armed Forces, Clayton's streets bear witness to over 80 years of military presence, creating a unique atmosphere.

A Century of Significance

In 1919, architect Samuel Hitt initiated the construction of the formidable Clayton military fort, named after Colonel Bertram T. Clayton, who led the troops stationed here for three years. The site's transformation began in July 1999 when the Southern Command bid its final farewell. Since then, Clayton has evolved into two distinct entities: the City of Knowledge and the garden community.

Architectural Legacy

Clayton's architectural landscape reflects its American past, characterized by sturdy structures, lush greenery, and meticulous urban planning. Spread across 120 hectares, the community encompasses approximately 2,200 residences and buildings, housing a population of around 2,130 residents.

Exclusive Living Experience

Today, Clayton stands as a testament to refined living. It boasts modern offices, renowned educational institutions, multinational organizations, churches, sports facilities, and a variety of dining options—all seamlessly integrated into the community. This exclusive enclave offers a tranquil yet vibrant lifestyle, appealing to those seeking a sophisticated residential experience.

What To Love
  • Historical Charm
  • Tranquil Atmosphere
  • Clayton seamlessly combines the past with the present
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