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Palo Alto

Palo Alto

Palo Alto is one of our favorite areas for an incredible lifestyle in Boquete, Panama.  It is full of lush mountain scenery, frequent rainbows, beautiful, large coffee farms, outstanding hotels, excellent restaurants and some of the most incredible views we have ever seen.

Just over the Caldera River via the new Panamonte bridge, Palo Alto is blessed with being on the “green side” of town.  The bajareque mists in the dry season in this microclimate ensure that the plants here stay a lush green all year long.

The Springs Boquete is the gorgeous residential development in Palo Alto.  The Springs community is less than 5 minutes to downtown and on the way to La Amistad International Park as well as Boquete Tree Trek.  It boasts an abundance of natural beauty including flowers, rainbow sightings, a wide range of bird and plant species, breathtaking views of Volcan Baru and the Kotowa coffee fields.  They say living at the Springs development is “Like Living in a Landscape Painting.”

Next to The Springs Boquete in Palo Alto is the acclaimed Kotowa Coffee farm, a Boquete landmark.  Some of the best coffee and coffee production tours are here at Kotowa.  One will experience the merging of different cultures living near Kotowa… the proud Ngäbe-Buglé indigenous people who work the farms, the owners of Kotowa and their family and friends, and “extranjeros.”

Seeing the Ngäbe-Buglé women in their brightly colored dresses caring for their families in the community as well as seeing them and the men working the coffee farms is impressive to see and a reflection of the rich cultures of the region.

In addition to Kotowa, the beautiful Princessa Janca coffee farm is in Palo Alto.  It is owned by Panama’s lovely ex-President Mireya Moscoso who is passionate about Boquete and also about producing great coffee.

Palo Alto is home to wonderful restaurants offering home buyers some great culinary options right nearby. The Rock restaurant is here with its fine dining inside and out along the beautiful Palo Alto River.   Il Pianista is a bit further up the loop road with its Italian delights along a lovely mountain stream.

The luxury boutique hotel, The Riverside Inn, the popular Boquete Garden Inn, and The Inn at Palo Alto are also along the Palo Alto River here.

As one passes The Spring Boquete and Kotowa coffee farm you enter an enchanting hidden valley.  After a while, you come to the end of the road to find the incredible Boquete Tree Trek zipline experience.  Not only is Tree Trek a truly world-class jungle zip-line adventure, it is amazing to find a fully outfitted and very stylish Kotowa coffee café right there in the forest.  There are also some pretty fancy cabins for those seeking the experience of immersion in nature, but in style.

Tree Trek and the Palo Alto area are near La Amistad National Park.  Hiking up to the Continental Divide here is a thrilling walk full of new sights, a range of unique bird species including the world famous Quetzal, and a sense of being in unspoiled beauty.  Once at the top, you can easily see the Caribbean waters of Bocas del Toro and possibly the Pacific in the other direction too if the day is clear.

Being in Palo Alto is a blessed lifestyle of natural beauty, coffee culture, intense views, connection with nature and convenience being so close to Downtown Boquete.

Sometimes, there are great lots, houses or even a hotel for sale in Palo Alto.  Please take a look at the current Palo Alto, Boquete listings for sale below.

The professional team at Casa Solution is committed to doing an outstanding job in helping you buy or sell your property in Palo Alto, Boquete, Panama.

What To Love
  • Green and Lush All Year
  • 5-Minutes to Downtown
  • Boquete Tree Trek Zipline and Jungle Coffee Shop
  • Spectacular Views
  • Lots of Rainbows
  • Coffee Country
  • Great Restaurants
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