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Home » Highlands East of Boquete

Highlands East of Boquete

Highlands East of Boquete

The Highlands east of Boquete, Panama are enchanting rural areas with incredible views, cool temperatures, light population density and several large national parks. There are hotels and hostals in some areas of these highlands that provide bases from which to explore the incredible scenery, culture, flora and fauna of the areas. Sometimes, large properties can be found here at relatively low prices.

Just east of Boquete’s downtown and past the mountains in Jaramillo, one finds the area of Caldera Boquete. Caldera, on the other side of the Caldera River from Alto Boquete, is Boquete’s biggest “corregimiento” of the six in Boquete.

Through Caldera there is a road that leads one past the entrance to the Caldera hot springs, through the area of Paja de Sombrero and then to Los Planes. Properties in these areas tend to have outstanding views that go all the way to the Pacific ocean well below.

In Los Planes one finds hotels and hostals that benefit from proximity to the Fortuna Forest Reserve.

The Fortuna Forest Reserve boasts a stunning landscape of mountains and cloud forests. The forest provides a habitat for a vast array of flora and fauna, with 1,136 plant species making it the home of the highest number of endemic species among all the protected areas in Panama. The birdlife in the reserve is impressive, with notable species including the resplendent quetzal, military macaw, and toucan. The forest also supports a diverse range of mammals, including the elusive jaguar.

This area is close to the border with the indigenous Ngäbe-Buglé Comarca. The Ngäbe-Buglé Comarca, home to many of Panama’s proud indigenous people, is quite large.

Beyond the Comarca further east one finds the mountain town of Santa Fe among other small towns in the area. Santa Fe is next to Santa Fe National Park. It has become known to some expats as a less developed mountain destination to consider for their new homes. Santa Fe is accessible from a road that winds up the hills from the large city of Santiago in the Province of Veraguas.

In the Highlands east of Boquete, Panama there are many small towns and lightly populated areas with many close to beautiful national parks. For those seeking larger properties with incredible natural beauty and gorgeous views, but at low prices, some of these highland areas offer great opportunities. Casa Solution often offers listings for sale in the Highlands.

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