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Bella Vista

Bella Vista

Welcome to Bella Vista, one of the 13 neighborhoods that make up the metropolitan area of Panama City. Home to 9 neighborhoods, including Marbella, Obarrio, El Carmen, and Avenida Balboa, Bella Vista is a top choice for real estate investments.

The name Bella Vista, or "beautiful view," is especially fitting for the Avenida Balboa neighborhood, known as the Copacabana of Central America. Overlooking the Panama Bay and the Cinta Costera, a popular recreational and pedestrian park, this neighborhood stretches from the upscale Punta Paitilla to the historic Casco Viejo.

The avenue, named after the Spanish conquistador who was the first to traverse the isthmus from the Pacific to the Atlantic, is lined with impressive skyscrapers designed by renowned figures such as French designer Philippe Starck. From the balconies, the panoramic view extends from the entrance of the Panama Canal to Punta Pacifica and the JW Marriott (formerly Trump Ocean Club).

These new developments, which began during the time when the Panama Canal returned to Panamanian hands, are a showcase for the country and have attracted a large number of investors, mostly foreigners, who have significantly boosted real estate in Panama.

Many residents of Bella Vista, proud of the neo-colonial architecture of their original neighborhoods, miss the past, but progress seems unstoppable, as demonstrated by the multiple metro stations and the almost disappearance of the "red devils," the colorful but very old buses.

The most important education centers in the city are concentrated in Bella Vista, from international universities and Jesuit colleges to a Japanese school. The famous banking center is located in Bella Vista, as well as the highest number of hotels, making it a very central destination and an ideal area to invest in real estate.

There are different popular opinions about the origin of its name. One is that it arose from a housing construction company called Bella Vista, owned by Americans, which built some of the first houses in the area. Another version attributes the name to the beautiful panoramic views that could be observed from the hills, where the University of Panama is now located. Bella Vista is famous for its neo-colonial architectural style, which emerged in the 1940s. The houses have wide eaves, tile roofs, and large windows, among other features.

What To Love
  • Proximity to Panama Bay and Cinta Costera
  • Impressive Skylines
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Convenient and Central Location
  • Neo-Colonial Architecture
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