About Boquete

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Boquete, a World-Class Destination

Nestled in a cool and verdant valley, Boquete in the Chiriqui Province of Panama is a deeply beautiful mountain community blessed with year-round spring-like weather, incredible views around every corner and warm people with a rich culture. Boquete boasts a growing number of amenities including excellent restaurants, spas, hotels, shops, supermarkets, gyms and endless opportunities to experience the natural wonder of the region.

Boquete is thought by many to be the best place to live in Panama. The unique and comfortable climate, natural beauty, many amenities, great local people and proximity to beaches as well as a medium sized city make Boquete a sought after international destination.

Boquete has been identified by highly respected organizations as one of the best places to retire to in the world. AARP said that “The mountain village of Boquete offers something close to heaven for American retirees.” when they did a recent magazine feature on the top 4 retirement destinations in the world. Fortune magazine named Boquete one of the top 6 destinations to retire in the world and Boquete has been featured in countless publications such as the LA Times, New York Times and Time Magazine.

On this page, learn more about Boquete, it’s scenic diversity, how the town is expanding, Boquete as possibly the world’s happiest place, excerpts of what major news organizations have said about Boquete and links to Casa Solution’s recommendations for hotels, restaurants, and things to do in Boquete.

Scenic Diversity

One of Boquete’s great appeals is its scenic diversity. As you drive about the region you encounter varied terrain, even great variation in plant life due to the many microclimates and range of altitudes. Turning a corner the scene sometimes changes from tropical mists, breezy with rainbows to bright, sunny and calm. The views can be majestic mountains in one direction and deep vistas across plain-like terrain all the way to the ocean in the other. From many vantage points, you can see the water of the Pacific ocean and the islands of the Gulf of Chiriqui. From downtown, drive 20 minutes descending through Alto Boquete on the plateau between two enormous canyons and over a glorious river into the Caldera region of Boquete to find warmer weather and hot springs. Go just ten minutes up the hillsides in several directions to discover lush fields dotted with coffee plants, winding mountain roads with unbelievable views and pure streams sparkling in the sunlight while rainbows dance around overhead due to Boquete’s bajareque mists.

Boquete’s center of town is at 3,400 feet though as you enter the beginning of Boquete you start at a much lower altitude and steadily rise until you reach the heart of the valley. Towering above the town is Panama’s highest peak, Volcan Baru, a gorgeous mountain thick with tropical trees.

Boquete is Expanding…

Boquete is experiencing significant growth and that development is expected to escalate partially due to major infrastructure projects underway. These include…

A new highway leading right to Boquete – The main road that links Boquete to David (Panama’s third largest city) at the Pan American Highway has just been transformed from two simple lanes to a four lane highway under a $117.6 million contract. This will make the area far more accessible to tourists and new residents.

Airport expansion – The new massive terminal is already in use. The existing building currently services immigration and customs needs as it receives regular flights from San Jose, Costa Rica. The new facility is much larger and better facilitates the arrival of larger planes with more passengers. This would allow the eventual arrival of direct flights from the U.S. to David.

Over three thousand new arrivals – Boquete has a thriving expatriate retiree and lifestyle community. Well over 3,000 people from the United States, Europe, Canada and other regions have chosen Boquete as their new home for a wonderful and exciting new lifestyle.

So Many Things to Do – As a result there are a wide range of social activities including a weekly Tuesday market, English language social groups, and many of the newcomers integrate through Boquete’s extensive charitable network. Since so many people are new to the area, making new friends in Boquete is pretty easy. It’s a very social environment whether you live in or outside of Boquete’s fine gated residential communities.

To the Beach and Back in the Same Day – Boquete’s proximity to the gorgeous pacific beaches of Chiriqui allows you to choose from a variety of mainland beach and island destinations and return home to Boquete easily on the same day in time for dinner.

Could Boquete be the World’s Happiest Place?

Gallup, the respected international polling organization, recently interviewed 1,000 people in each of 148 countries throughout the world to measure people’s happiness with the results released in December 2012. Panama incredibly earned the distinction of the number 1 happiest place in the world.

Fast forward to 2014 and Panama does it again. In a new 2014 Gallup project, Panama once again placed first of 135 countries in Well-Being.

Panama’s people have a wonderful outlook on life. Panamanians are, as a group, a happy people. The warm feelings and positive emotions toward life shared by the Panamanian people are reflected in their welcoming nature toward newcomers. This positive spirit and zest for life can’t help but rub off on those living among the local people. Primarily this is about the Panamanian culture; an intrinsic characteristic that supercedes economics. However, there is also sense of optimism in Panama buoyed by the increasing good fortune of the Panamanian people. With a booming economy, improvements in infrastructure, low unemployment and increasing wages, the people have additional reasons to feel good about their lives. That forward motion can be felt throughout Panama and likely adds to the already good feelings.

Boquete is a particularly happy place in Panama. Being out of the heat of the lowlands, the lack of traffic, the many restaurants, the fun of being a tourist destination with enjoyable things to do, and the small town warm spirit of the people are some of the factors that make Boquete a happy place to be. We can’t imagine a happier place in Panama. So, with Panama the happiest country in the world, and Boquete, the happiest place in Panama, perhaps Boquete is the world’s happiest place. Maybe worth a visit?

About Chiriqui – Beach and Mountain Paradise

Chiriqui Province, Panama – Beach and Mountain Paradise

In western Panama there is a province bordering Costa Rica blessed with Panama’s highest mountains, longest rivers, most picturesque mountain towns, untouched Pacific island beaches, nascent seaside resorts, and large protected rainforests. The Chiriqui countryside is dotted with coffee and vegetable farms as well as cattle and livestock ranches making this province the breadbasket of Panama. David, Panama’s third largest city right on the Pan American highway is a focal point of Chiriqui providing the usual conveniences found in an up and coming medium size city. The major expansion of Chiriqui’s international airport in David was just completed in December 2012 heralding the anticipated influx of new visitors and residents to the province.

Chiriqui is a little known gem of the world. Boquete, the breathtaking mountain town acclaimed by the world media and boasting a prize position as one of the world’s most attractive retirement destinations is located here. Thus far, Boquete has attracted the bulk of the spotlight and it is indeed a magnificent place, a favorite of most visitors. Yet Chiriqui is more than Boquete. More about Chiriqui Province