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Coclé is a magnificent province located in the heart of Panama, with Panama City being just a short distance from many of the most popular destinations here. The province boasts agricultural lands and natural beauty, including mountains and cloud forests in the northwest, with some of it protected by the picturesque Parque Nacional Omar Torrijos. To the south, Coclé boasts a stunning Pacific coastline with breathtaking white sand beaches. Coclé is home to the charming town of El Valle de Antón, set in the crater of a majestic extinct volcano.

Investing in real estate in Coclé is a fantastic opportunity to live amongst beautiful landscapes and immerse oneself in the heart of Panamanian beauty and culture.

The province of Coclé in Panama has become popular as a destination for tourism and retirement. In much of Coclé, weather is sunny during the summer and there is little rain during the winter, making it ideal for outdoor activities. The area is well-connected with good roads, supermarkets, pharmacies, an international airport, and high-speed internet in many locations.
Coclé is also a great place for retirees, with high-quality real estate projects that have been developed for nearly all budgets. The Province offers high-quality medical access; especially in nearby Panama City. It is also a great place to set up as a home base for foreigners.

One of the best areas to live in Coclé is the hotel and residential area that extends between Bijao and Buenaventura, which offers luxury hotels, restaurants, an international airport, spas, supermarkets, golf courses, a touristic environment and lots of beautiful beaches.

Coclé is famous world-wide for its all-inclusive tropical beach resorts such as Royal Decameron Golf Beach Resort & Villas, Sheraton Bijao Beach Resort and Hotel Riu Playa Blanca. In addition to extensive recreational fun for tourists, day and night, these communities also offer residential living opportunities. You can choose from ocean and mountain view condominiums, luxury homes, and villas in these as well as many other communities at the Coclé beaches.

Coclé is host to many notable residential developments with luxury homes and condos. The area is a favorite of well-to-do Panamanians who have their beach homes for weekends and get-a-ways. It is also a favorite destination for expatriates seeking a warm and playful setting with lots of other expats and resources.

In Coclé, you will find the likes of the sublime Buenaventura Golf and Beach Resort; a truly breathtaking creation. In Buenaventura, one feels that they are in the true lap of luxury.

For those who wish to be in a mountain community within a 2 hour drive of Panama City, El Valle de Antón offers a great option. The air is fresh in the mountains here. With an altitude of about 2,000 feet in town and up to 3,000 feet in the hills nearby, the temperatures are much cooler than the beach areas. This town is a favorite of those Panamanians, many of them well-to-do, seeking a second home in the embrace of the mountains that is an easy drive from Panama City.

Places like El Valle de Antón and nearby areas also offer those who live at the beach a place nearby to enjoy cooler weather, to hike or bathe under a waterfall.

Being close to Panama City provides all kinds of benefits to those who live in Coclé. With the prime beach areas and the popular El Valle de Antón mountain town all less than about 2 hours away from Panama City, one can be well away from the hustle and bustle of city life while having access to all of the amenities of a thriving, cosmopolitan capital city. Easy access to the Tocumen International Airport, high quality healthcare, a wide range of culinary delights, and extensive shopping options are just some of the benefits of being within a relatively short drive of Coclé's excellent beach and mountain communities.

Enjoy good food? The gastronomy in Coclé is diverse, with options ranging from restaurants with a great beachfront vibe to sushi, seafood and luxury restaurants.

There are other areas to explore in Cocle too! Check out Penonome for example, one of the fastest growing areas of Panama and the capital of Coclé. Penonome is a small town with a big heart and lovely views all around. Penonome has a great community with frequent parades and celebrations. Being in an agricultural location, lots of fresh produce is available as well as sometimes great farmland is for sale. Penonome Coclé is considered a low cost of living, rich cultural lifestyle and a very pretty place. Some expats find this the ideal combination. Nearby La Pintada near Penonome is also capturing attention.

Coclé is a place where both beach and mountain lovers can enjoy. Thanks to its proximity to Panama City and all the amenities it offers, Coclé is quickly becoming a top destination for those looking for a new place to call home or for an accessible second home in Panama.

Please take a look at the current Coclé, Panama listings for sale below which often include beachfront houses, oceanview condominiums, farms, luxury development townhouses, low-price farmland, mountain houses, and land for sale. The professional team at Casa Solution stands ready to serve as your real estate agent for the successful purchase or sale of property in Coclé Panama.

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