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Los Santos

Next to Playa Venao, you will find the beautiful town of Cañas. This town is famous for it's beautiful countryside landscapes, growing expat community, and natural reserve.

Isla Cañas is a wildlife refuge located in the province of Los Santos in the district of Tonosí in Panama. It is home to a 13 kilometer long beach, which is the most important nesting site for Pacific sea turtles in Panama, particularly the Lapidochelis Olivacea species. The refuge also protects an important mangrove ecosystem and is home to a variety of marine species.

The National Environmental Authority (ANAM) has an office in the nearby town of Cañas, where visitors can learn about the importance of the conservation and preservation of the turtles. Activities in the area include swimming, snorkeling, and environmental studies of the mangroves that surround the refuge.

The main attraction is the nocturnal observation of the arrival of sea turtles to lay eggs, which creates a magical natural scenario that has been uninterrupted for thousands of years. The turtle-watching season runs from July to November.. There are inns, restaurants, and boat rentals available in the nearby town of Tonosí.

What To Love
  • Beautiful Beaches
  • Some Surf Spots
  • Mangroove Ecosystem
  • Laid-back Atmosphere
  • Sea Turtles
  • Great For Sport Fishing
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