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Integrity. Professionalism. Honesty. Outstanding Service.


Boquete Sales


Chiriqui Beach Sales - Las Lajas, Las Olas, Boca Chica​​


Boquete Area Listings


Chiriqui Property Sales (Last Three Years)


Success Rate - Every Seller has been paid. Every Buyer has received their Property.


Years as the Boquete Area Leaders

Statistics Explained

Buy in Panama with Confidence


At Casa Solution, we understand the importance of finding the perfect property to call home. As the leading real estate agency in Boquete and the Chiriqui beach areas, our unparalleled expertise and proven track record make us your ideal partner in your home-buying journey. With a vast selection of homes and properties, we consistently outperform other agencies in the region, connecting clients with their dream homes.

Our team of dedicated professionals and agents are committed to providing exceptional support and guidance throughout the entire buying process. With Casa Solution by your side, you can rest assured that we will help you navigate the market with confidence and ultimately, find the ideal property that meets all your needs and desires.



Your Trusted Partner in Panama

Casa Solution has a sterling reputation for honesty, professionalism and outstanding service. 

Thousands of clients have had the benefit of Casa Solution’s dedicated services in Chiriqui Province for over 17 years with a 100% success rate.  Every buyer has received the property promised to them by contract and every seller has received their full payment. 


Trust is earned and we will work hard to earn your trust as well as to help you obtain your dream home or property.   In the meantime, the 140 plus five star reviews we’ve received really say a lot about what you can expect, who we are and our commitment to serving our clients. 

Unparalleled Experience and Professionalism

The Casa Solution team consists of highly experienced multi-lingual real estate professionals.  The extremely professional team works together leveraging their expertise for you.   The culture of the company is to provide a no pressure, consultative approach.  Not only are the team members true real estate professionals, they are a group of warm and wonderful people dedicated to performing with excellence.   


The Team is adept at learning about your preferences, then hand-picking those properties most likely to meet your wants and needs.   Along the way, the Team will provide you Step-by-Step Guidance for a Seamless Experience.

THE 5 star reviews

speak for themselves


“It was a pleasure working with Casa Solution. Before we came to Panama we were told to be careful about realtors who would try to take advantage of us. Perhaps there is some truth to this but Casa Solution proved us wrong. Everything w...

- Jackie Lerner


“To anyone considering Casa Solution, we cannot say enough about ALL of the staff. Right from the front office workers, to the representatives that showed us around Boquete, to the owner who did an outstanding job representing us in nego...

- Sharon and Kurt Theisen


“What we liked the most about working with Casa Solution was that all our uncertainties and questions were resolved in a timely manner. Since the transaction was, from the start, conducted via “remote control” (due to the COVID-19...

- Carlos & Adriana Frias


Lo que más me gustó de Casa Solution fue la honestidad y responsabilidad. La transacción fue 100% efectiva y en el momento oportuno. El personal de Casa Solution fue excelente y muy profesional. Entre las fortalezas de Casa Solution está...

- Leonardo Martinez

The Most Properties

of any agency

Casa Solution has about five times more active and signed listings than any other agency in Boquete, Panama which includes hundreds of properties for sale.  We also have extensive home and land listings in the Chiriqui beach areas, Volcan where we’ve recently opened an office, David, a wide range of other areas throughout Chiriqui and some areas of the Azuero Peninsula such as Cambutal. 


Casa Solution has Associates in most areas of Panama and is currently expanding nationally. 


As a long-time member of ACOBIR, Panama’s biggest real estate association, the Team has access to extensive additional Panama properties through ACOBIR’s MLS.  Most properties for sale are not yet on the MLS though so Casa Solution works with all reputable real estate companies and professionals in Panama to make sure every possible property for sale is available to you.



It’s important to know when looking at properties, the true value of what is being offered as well as the nuances, little secrets and microclimate peculiarities of the properties you are considering. 

Casa Solution has a deep knowledge of the Boquete area real estate market in particular and can help you to make sure that you know about the pricing and peculiarities of the market before you buy.


With the Casa Solution Closing Team and Legal Support

Reaching agreement on price and terms is just part of the sale process. Even with the help of a quality Panama attorney, it can be a challenge to complete a sale in Panama. There are usually documents to assemble, surprises can come up, and hurdles to overcome including navigating bureaucracy. For buyers without the right support, this can be a confusing, time consuming and difficult time.


Casa Solution provides a dedicated closing team and legal support. The Team works after the original contract is signed to make sure that the collection of documentation, coordination with attorneys and any follow-up items are handled as smoothly as possible. You can expect proactive and expert attention to your transaction throughout the sale process all the way through to when you own your property.


Caring & Inclusive Business

Casa Solution is a family-owned business.  We believe in being family friendly as a core principle, both for staff and clients.  


We foster a caring and inclusive environment dedicated to serving all.

See a Property on another Site?

We can Represent You!

Casa Solution can represent you in the purchase of property that is for sale by owner or by another agency.  

Buy with confidence.  

We are happy to help.


The Company Philosophy

Honesty and Under Promise & Over Deliver

It is true in Panama as well as most of the world – it’s important to know who you can trust.  We understand that trust is earned and even more important to those coming to a foreign country.  Casa Solution seeks out team members who are honest and good people, then reinforces these traits by supporting the team in being truthful with clients.  As a result, those familiar with the company have learned to feel comfortable that the team at Casa Solution can be trusted to serve everyone’s best interest with honesty and integrity.


We also work hard to under-promise and over-deliver results for you.   The team is trained to tone down hype as well as under promise on results and time-lines….then to over-deliver on our obligations by providing great support, quality service, protection of your interests and skillfully matching your stated needs to great property options.

We are committed to do our best to find you the perfect property and to do it with professionalism and integrity.



Outstanding Service

Family Friendly, Caring & Inclusive




At Casa Solution, we live by non-negotiable core values which include Honesty, Integrity, Outstanding Service, Family Friendly, Caring & Inclusive, and Professionalism. We believe in doing the right thing, being responsive to clients, and exceeding expectations while maintaining a strong commitment to family, work, and community.






Dear Valued Client,


Thank you very much for considering Casa Solution as your real estate agency.


We so appreciate your interest in working with us on your property sale or purchase.


About Trust


Trust is important when choosing a real estate company.  We understand that trust is earned; not given.  Especially when conducting business in what might be for you a new and foreign place, this is especially true. 


Over the last 17 years, we’ve had the privilege of serving thousands of expats and Panamanians alike in the purchase and sale of their properties.   We have worked hard to earn their trust and ensure that their individual needs are properly addressed.   If you have a moment, please take a look at the 100 plus reviews from clients like you.  They really speak clearly about who we and hope to be for you.


Core Values


You can expect that everyone in Casa Solution will perform in accordance with our non-negotiable core values of Integrity, Honesty, Outstanding Service, Family Friendly, Caring & Inclusive and Professionalism. 


Market Knowledge


The team has become adept at matching clients to the right property and neighborhood for their particular needs as well as seeing transactions through to their successful conclusion.


There’s been a lot learned while facilitating over 1,300 real estate sales in Chiriqui Province including over 1,000 of them in the Boquete area.  We really know the market – what properties are worth, what the neighborhoods and microclimates are like, past history of the property and neighborhoods and the most capable local professionals needed before, during and after the transaction.


Getting Deals Done Right


The experienced Casa Solution staff and Associates know how to get deals done right so that all parties are secure, the terms are crystal clear and everyone gets what they are promised.  The result has been a 100% success rate for clients.  All thousands of our buyers have gotten their property and all thousands of oursellers have gotten their full payments.  


Transactions in Panama can be tricky.  We constantly see new kinds of problems and challenges to overcome.   Having seen so much and solved so much, we’re become true experts at navigating those issues on your behalf. 




Most real estate agencies in Panama are structured to show properties and upon a tentative deal, hand over the clients to the attorneys, hope the attorneys can get the clients to a signed agreement and that they can solve any problems.  In the meantime, the agents sit back to wait for their checks or move on to the next prospect.  We’ve noticed that some agents have no understanding of what goes behind a deal such as what registered values mean, how to navigate foundations and corporate transfers, probate issues, clearances from the government, properties that aren’t updated or have errors in the registry, how to handle unusual contingencies or deal structures, options to buy, owner financing, transactions when parties are out of the country, the unusual requirements of specific law firms, the sometimes problematic history of properties and so many more issues.  Frankly, some people showing properties for sale just don’t have the necessary knowledge and experience.


 You Get the WHOLE TEAM, not Just One Agent


The Casa Solution team has the proven knowledge to make sure your transaction is done right.  The team gets to know you, your particular needs and the nuances of your transaction.  You get the whole team and all of our experience working to ensure your individual deal.


Several team members work on each aspect of your transaction leveraging the abilities of each member of the group.   We actually draft the promise of purchase agreements (which other agencies rarely do) and then directly work with the attorneys involved through the entire process to ensure that not only does the transaction represent what was agreed to, but the inevitable problems that emerge along the way are solved.  After all, Solution is right there in our name. 


This all takes know-how, connections, a deep knowledge of the attorneys, players and government agencies involved and knowing how to address whatever comes up.  


Our Commitment to You


The bottom line is that Casa Solution is a team of good, extremely experienced and highly effective people.   We will leverage all of our hard-earned extensive resources and deep experience to ensure a real estate transaction that works for you.  We are truly committed to serve you well.


Once again, please take a look at the reviews from well over a hundred clients on this site.  They say a lot about who we are as a company and individuals.


Thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you.


The Casa Solution Team