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Panama Leads the Way: Panama Announces Preservation of 54% of Its Oceans – Our Ocean Conference in Panama Generates $20 Billion in Pledges to Protect Oceans

Panama ocean conference draws $20 billion, marine biodiversity commitments by Mongabay News & Inspiration for Nature’s Frontline The eighth annual Our Ocean Conference was held in Panama this year making it the first Latin American country to host the conference. The conference generated pledges of nearly $20 billion to protect the world’s oceans, with 341 Read More

New York Times Announces the 52 Places to Go Worldwide in 2023 and Boquete Made the List!

52 Places to Go in 2023 By The New York Times Jan. 12, 2023 Boquete, Panama has been named as one of the 52 Places to Visit in 2023 by The New York Times and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Among the deserts of Africa and the koala-laden trees of Australia, Boquete is a true hidden Read More

Now Announcing – Boquete Developments Tour from Above

Curious about residential developments in Boquete, Panama?  Get oriented to many of Boquete’s key residential developments.  Check out their surroundings from a different perspective.   Visit the new Boquete developments tour now! With this cutting-edge drone tour technology, we aim to bring you closer to your desired properties in an immersive experience.   Please contact Casa Solution Read More

New York Times Features Casa Solution for the 3rd Time – House Hunting in Panama, November 2020

      “House Hunting in Panama: Tucked Into the Mountains for $580,000” In western Panama, the popular town of Boquete is fending off a pandemic slowdown by luring city-dwellers and retirees with its remote beauty and pleasant climate. November 4, 2020, by Marcelle Sussman Fischler   Casa Solution was once again interviewed by the Read More

MLS Multiple Listing Service – Available From Casa Solution Since 2017

MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE (MLS) AVAILABLE FROM CASA SOLUTION SINCE 2017 FREE – NO CHARGE TO CASA SOLUTION CLIENTS  Casa Solution is now offering  promotion on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) including the United States, Canada and other international MLS associated websites at no charge. Please contact Casa Solution at 720-1331 or email [email protected] today to Read More

Casa Solution is the Winner – Best of Boquete – Real Estate Company

Casa Solution is grateful to be the recipient of the Best of Boquete award for Best Real Estate Company. This is the second time in a row Casa Solution has won the award and is the sole recipient since the award was first offered. Thank you Boquete!  You are the Best! We will continue to Read More

Panama Is In Vogue …. Vogue Magazine: “Why Panama Is the Place to Go in 2019”

Vogue Magazine, the arbiter of high fashion, has blessed Panama as The Place to Go in 2019.   This is meaningful message to the well-to-do jet setters. It  further highlights Panama’s profile in the world of the wealthy and elite.  Such articles are often harbingers of increases in luxury tourism and real estate investment in the Read More

New Review of Casa Solution – Mary Taft (Now Tuscan Style Boquete House with Incredible Views Owner)

“What I liked the most about working with Casa Solution was the responsiveness and courtesy of the employees.  Janeth, Nonito, Maritza, and Jhanela were wonderful to work with, both online and in person. Their patience, good cheer, diligence, and support were deeply appreciated. I also appreciate the assistance they provided with locating and establishing services Read More

$3.37 Million Dollars Just Approved for Quick Boquete, Panama Road Improvements

$3.37 million is quite a lot of money for road improvements in Boquete.    The town will shine after all of those upgrades and repaving. The last couple of years have seen many of the local roads affected by the extensive $22.5 million water system improvements currently underway.  That enormous investment in Boquete’s infrastructure is moving Read More

Casa Solution in the New York Times – House Hunting in Panama, August 2018

Casa Solution was once again interviewed by the New York Times regarding real estate in Panama. We are grateful to the excellent writer, Alison Gregor, and are proud to have been chosen to provide information for the article. Casa Solution was also featured in this prior New York Times article about House Hunting in Boquete. Read More

MAJOR PROPERTY TAX REDUCTIONS – Biggest Panama Real Estate News in Years – Law Signed by Panama President – Your Questions Answered – MAYORES REDUCCIONES DE IMPUESTOS A LA PROPIEDAD – Respuestas a sus preguntas

On October 17, 2017, Panama’s President signed into law astonishing changes to Panama’s property tax rates.   These reductions are expected to have a major impact on Panama real estate. We’ve been asked a lot of questions about what the law says and how each property owner will be personally affected.  This article will answer many Read More

“Boquete Isn’t Back, it’s Just Better Than Ever” – Luxury Blog Features Boquete, Panama

Boquete is increasingly seen as a luxury destination for tourists as reflected in this attention from a premiere luxury travel blog.  Luxury travel destinations can also be super places to live and own a home.  Premiere travel locations like Boquete have great amenities and so many fun things to do for residents. Boquete has wonderful Read More

Panama is the Fastest Growing Economy in Latin America & Latin American Growth Is Back – Miami Herald

Things are looking bright for Panama.  Panama’s top position as the fastest growth economy in all of Latin America will continue through 2017.  To add more momentum, Latin America as a whole will enjoy a meaningful recovery in 2017. Every country in the region is expected to see gains in 2017 with the exception of Read More

Europe! Panama to Invest $4.2 million with Lufthansa Airline to Promote Panama

We have long seen lots of Europeans buy property and move to Boquete. But now, the Casa Solution staff is seeing a noticeable uptick in European buyers over the past year.  The varied cultural backgrounds, world experience, and international saavy of our many Europeans clients has been so welcome.   The surge in new European residents Read More

Panama PR – What Can We Expect in Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, Great Britain, Belgium and More?

Panama’s agreement with Lufthansa to spend over $4 million to promote Panama in Germany, Italy, Poland, France, Switzerland, Spain, Great Britain, Austria, and Belgium is now in effect. What kind of PR might we see?  Here’s an indication of the very professional work we can expect. From Lufthansa’s Panama Travel Guide On Panama: “Think Panama Read More

New Direct to Denver Flights from Copa – 13th US City to Get Direct Copa Flights

Panama’s major international airport Tocumen is undergoing a huge expansion and the direct flights keep coming.  Denver is the 13th US city to receive direct flights to Panama City, Panama from Copa and the seventh addition since 2012. In addition, Panama is even providing financial incentives to European airlines now to bring flights in.  Think Read More

New Commercial Plaza Under Construction in Downtown Boquete – Los Senderos

People have been wondering about what is under construction in a prime Boquete downtown location.  Well, here it is…. Los Senderos, an impressive commerical development on the former site of Boquete Country Inn. Economic development boost: This is another boon for Boquete; a substantial and attractive commercial plaza right in the middle of downtown.  Even Read More

$18 Million in Major Boquete Investments Announced: New Bridge, New Road & More

This new bridge near the center of downtown Boquete next to the famous Panamonte Hotel will provide easier access for everyone into town.  It comes at the same time that the new area-wide water system is in process of being implemented.  President Varela visited Boquete to announce the start of construction of the new bridge Read More

New $3.5 million University Headquarters in Boquete’s Rapidly Developing Commercial Zone

Many Panamanians believe in higher education.    Young Panamanians often work in day jobs while going to University at night.  They study to become accomplished business people, engineers, accountants, attorneys, computer programmers, teachers and many other specialties.   It is impressive how many achieve bachelor level and advanced degrees. Several significant universities serve these Chiriqui Province’s Read More Breaks Record with an Amazing 1,392,421 Pageviews

We are proud to announce that the new website has exceeded all expectations with 1,392,421 individual page views in just the last 18 months. Visitor traffic was measured for the period of July 1, 2015 to December 31, 2016. is by far the most visited real estate website in the region.  Hundreds of Read More

Panama is Hypergrowth Opportunity – Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review, one of the world’s most respected business publications, has chosen “Where to Find Hypergrowth” as its cover article for December 2016.  In it, HBR details the enormous potential of frontier economies for outstanding financial returns. What’s particularly intriguing is that of the 25 economies projected to grow the most over the next Read More

Moving Overseas Growing Trend – Boquete Featured as “Hot Spot for American Retirees” by AP

The trend is undeniable.  Today’s retirees are more adventurous, healthier and seeking new experiences  more than ever before.  Millions of retirees are now considering how they can get the most enjoyment as they enter their new liberated phase of life. Modern advances have made staying in touch with people back home simple, even free.  Instant Read More

$100 million for Chiriqui & Bocas del Toro Bananas! – Economic Boon for the Region

The contract with Del Monte for a $100 million investment in banana production has been approved.   This deal with Del Monte, if fully realized, will bring back an enormous economic driver to Panama.  It will especially bring even more sustained growth surges to an already thriving Chiriqui Province. David, Panama will see significant increased activity Read More

Satellite Crashes in Bocas del Toro, Panama

  This “satellite” that crashed is apparently part of Google’s ambitious plan to bring Internet service to remote areas of our Earth.   It is another sign of the world coming together and being more connected. Above is a photo of what the Loon project balloon lofted device might look like.  Below is a link to Read More

“Panama just kind of has it all” – The Street & MSN Money

The Street loves Panama.  This article places Panama as the number one choice for retirees. There is simply no other country that offers Panama’s combination of proximity to the U.S., quality healthcare, modern amenities, quality infrastructure,  intense beauty, and opportunities for accessible adventure coupled with Panama’s low cost of living. However, the reality is that Read More

What’s Selling in Boquete? 54 Examples of Recent Sales by Casa Solution

These are just a few examples of the many houses and properties recently sold by the Casa Solution team.  Casa Solution sells more Boquete area properties than all of the other agencies combined.  Why go to anyone else? Most of the below properties are linked to more information.  Prices shown are the final asking prices Read More

Just Announced – WYD The Biggest Event in Panama History?

The event in Panama will be enormous.  Panamanians are celebrating Pope Francis’ decision to hold World Youth Day 2019 in Panama. World Youth Day is held only every three years and will be hosted by Pope Francis in Panama City, Panama. A prior World Youth Day in the Phillipines set the world record in 1995 Read More

Expansion: What Will Be the Impact on Panama?

Ever wish you could own a toll booth?  Imagine you stand there while everyone who passes hands you a hundred dollars, a steady stream of Benjamins with a long line of travelers waiting to pass through. Now imagine that every time someone paid to get by, they handed over $54,000.  Not bad.  But your booth Read More

Major New Resort Announced for Bocas del Toro, Panama

Viceroy Hotels, a world-wide luxury travel brand known for distinctive hotel experiences, has announced they will build a major resort in Bocas del Toro, Panama.  Think Honeymoon Destination. This will be big for Bocas. The resort will have 186 guestrooms and residences and 42 private overwater villas on 457 acres. Bocas del Toro has become Read More

Panama’s Deficit Falls Greatly to just .2% of GDP, Bodes Well for Panama’s Future

Things are looking up for Panama. Panama has exhibited the ability to maintain high levels of infrastructure investment while keeping fiscal deficits at reasonable levels.  Through tempered spending, increased tax revenue and rapid economic growth, Panama has just greatly lowered its deficit.  When considering this fiscal discipline is coupled with the opening of the expanded Read More

Panama Now Leads Latin and Central American Economic Growth By Far

Panama’s nearly 6% GDP growth rate is the highest by far in all of Latin America.   The economy is projected to accelerate in 2017 and 2018, and those increases are expected to far exceed all other countries in the region from Mexico to all of South America. Panama continues to be a huge economic success Read More

New Boquete Convention Center – Amador Convention Center to Be Completed

The central government recently announced that the striking new Amador Convention Center in Panama City would be completed.  Its construction had stalled in the change of administrations.  The redesigned Center will make Panama one of the prime destinations for large conventions in Central America.  It is anticipated to be completed in 2018 with an investment Read More

USA Today Features Boquete / Panama Coffee Dominance plus Tourism

Boquete Panama produces the finest specialty coffee in the world.  Volcan offerings have also sometimes taken the top spot.  The region’s coffee is highly sought after.  Tastings and coffee tours have become a popular attraction in the area.  It is a unique gift of talent and generations of experience combined with perfect conditions in the Read More

David Panama Major Public Hospital Expansion

The public hospital system in Chiriqui is seeing a major expansion.  There has long been a towering children’s and maternity Hospital Jose Domingo de Obaldia in David that was donated to Panama by Taiwan as a good will gesture.  Most the region’s children are born there. Now a huge expansion adjacent to the children’s hospital Read More

Hospital Chiriqui – Huge Expansion Project in 2016

   Infrastructure investment in Panama has not only included roads, bridges and utilities.  The country’s healthcare infrastructure has benefited from Panama’s impressive and sustained economic growth. Most attention to Panama’s status as a popular high quality low cost healthcare destination has gone to Panama City.  As Panama’s single big metropolis, the largest hospitals are located Read More

Progress Report – The New Baseball Stadium – David

The stadium construction project has begun.  Demolition of the old stadium is underway. In its place will be an impressive new sports arena which will become the most modern in Panama.  The location of this project is just over the bridge into David when coming from Boquete and close to the Pan American highway. It Read More

Something Incredible Is Happening in David, Panama

A new major mall, transportation center and new sports facilities including large baseball & soccer stadiums are in the works. The David airport has been greatly expanded along with daily direct flights from Tocumen. Commercial buildings of mixed use are emerging from the ground left and right. Residential homes of high quality are being built Read More

Nasdaq: “Panama On The Rise”

This Nasdaq article touts Panama as a “favorite” developing market economy. It cites the anticipated economic boost coming from the imminent Canal expansion opening and how it has “created enthusiasm all over the globe.” The drumbeat for Panama from financial experts is loud and clear. “Frontier Markets: Panama On The Rise” Nasdaq, January 5, 2016, Read More

Boquete Fair a Huge Success – Next Up … Jazz & Blues Festival, David Fair and Orchid Expo

The Boquete Flower and Coffee Fair is a fun cultural event that provides an annual windfall to the town.  Boquete was quite busy this year as over 144,000 people attended. Boquete Tree Trek even brought in a zip line to promote their nearby world-class zip line experience.  See the person hanging in mid-air over the Read More

New Public, Tourism and Handicraft Market Opens in Boquete

Boquete proudly inaugurated the new $1.5 million Market on January 15, 2016.   President Varela, the Ambassador of the Republic of Taiwan, Boquete Mayor Emigdio Vásquez and many other luminaries attended the celebration. The President cited the market as a great example of cooperation between the federal and local governments across party lines and with transparency. Read More

The Malaysian Insider Names Boquete 1 of 7 Destinations to Visit in 2016

Welcome to the people of Malaysia. We look forward to seeing you here in Boquete. Boquete is a wonderful tourist destination. The world is continuing to discover our precious little hamlet with coffee culture and tasting one of the many attractions. This article touting Boquete is making its way through multiple Asian publications. “7 underrated Read More

Domo Arigato! $2 Billion Japanese Monorail Coming to Panama

The Japanese have long maintained significant corporate and diplomatic relations with Panama. Now, this strategic relationship is expanding with the biggest commercial engagement in Japan – Panama history. The deal will involve Japanese technology and funding. The new monorail will be a high-tech and sci-fi looking 27 kilometers. This Line Three of the Panama Metro Read More

$31 Million for Chiriqui Sports – Includes Major Fútbol / Soccer & Baseball Stadiums

Panama is investing in Chiriqui sports. Stadiums and Ballparks will be sprouting throughout Chiriqui Province as 28 projects bring playing fields and facilities throughout the region. Panama is a land of athletes and Chiriqui has consistently produced some of the best athletes in Panama. Now they will have more quality facilities to help them realize Read More

The Motley Fool names Panama one of the 4 Best Places to Retire

Panama continues to top the lists of the best places to retire and visit in the world. As the clarion call for Panama continues year after year, Panama has moved from obscure destination to “those in the know.”  It won’t be long before Panama’s early adopter status shifts to common knowledge for savvy travelers and Read More

Panama Experiencing Lower Consumer Prices

   Despite a roaring economy and recent minimum wage increases, Panama’s consumer prices are dropping according to the official estimates.  Factors may include lower oil prices, responsible self-restraint in major governmental construction projects, and a change in the way the index is calculated. Regardless, whereas some countries in Latin America have been plagued with inflation Read More

New $1 Billion Solar Energy Project & Research Center Announced

Incredible. Another $Billion dollar project for Panama. Billion dollar investment.  Economic Development.  Clean Energy.  Panama to become an Advanced Solar and Environment Research Center…  What’s not to like? The cost of solar energy development has dropped so much in the last few years, that solar has become a great option for clean energy development.  This Read More

New Wind Farm in Panama Biggest in Central America – Clinton Attends Opening

Panama has taken a big step forward with this $570 million project.  Panama’s rapid growth is coupled with increased power demands.  In a small country like Panama, one large wind farm can provide an impressive percentage of total energy needs.   But, with Panama’s sizzling economy, it is estimated that $3 billion more will be spent Read More

Trump Wants $75 million from Panama Condo Owners

Trump’s penchant for “shock and awe” news cycles has turned attention to Panama. On the one side condo owners of Panama City’s Trump Ocean Club, Latin America’s tallest building, are claiming Trump’s malfeasance. On the other is Trump response of a high profile international lawsuit seeking major damages.   It seems when you are running for Read More

Starbucks Now Open in Panama – 20 Locations Coming

The first of twenty Starbucks locations in Panama has just opened.  The first location is in Panama City.  It is just a matter of time before you see the willing mermaid pop up throughout the country.  Starbucks will open 19 more in the next five years. Starbucks has long had coffee roots in Panama.  After Read More

Thousands of Panamanians March to Fight Cancer

Panamanians are a charitable people.   Their commitment to others and the huge numbers who volunteer to help are inspiring. This annual event to fight cancer brought thousands of people to the streets in Panama City and ten other locations throughout the country.  The proceeds support efforts of the National Cancer Institute with a focus Read More

Now Istanbul to Panama City – Turkish Airlines Announces New Direct flight to Panama

Starting this February 2016, Panama will receive another new direct flight from the far side of the world – this time from Turkey.   Istabul is one of the world’s largest cities and the largest in Europe. This comes with the very recent additions of direct flights from Frankfurt, Germany, Dubai in the UAE, and San Read More

World’s Longest Flight Announced – Dubai to Panama

With their iconic sailboat shaped buildings, man-made island projects, rapid real estate development, extensive tourism, tallest skyscrapers* and regional financial services dominance, Panama and Dubai share many defining characteristics.  One might call them sister cities between Latin America and the Middle East.  Now the two countries also share a direct flight, the longest in the Read More

From San Francisco, Here They Come!!! Copa Announces Direct Flights to Panama

Another Big Copa announcement.  After recent additions like Chicago, New Orleans and Denver, now Copa will fly direct from San Francisco to Panama City starting in September, 2015.  Given San Francisco’s sky high real estate prices, imagine the impact on Panama’s real estate market when those buyers have direct flights.    Let’s see, what does $1,000,000 Read More

Mexico – Panama: Free Trade Agreement in Effect – Pacific Alliance A Step Closer

The Panama – Mexico free trade agreement is now in effect.  The pro-trade, pro-business government of Panama continues to bank on free trade.  Free trade agreements with the United States and Canada have been in effect since 2012 and 2013 respectively for example. Panama imported nearly $1 billion from Mexico last year while exporting only Read More

Panama Pulls Out of Trump’s Miss Universe Contest

Trump’s offensive and ridiculous comment that Mexican immigrants are rapists, drug dealers and criminals did not play well in Panama.    And, on the eve of an enormous trade deal between Panama and Mexico going into effect, I don’t think it was a difficult decision to pull out of the event. In the meantime, Trump’s Read More

USA Today Names Panama 1 of Summer’s Top 10 “Hottest Destinations” Amidst Huge Rise in Panama Tourism

Panama’s day in the sun has arrived.  Expect Panama to keep showing up as a top recommended travel destination in international media. This year the Panamanian government has reported a huge rise in tourism numbers from last year.  The first quarter of 2015 had an 8% increase in visitors and a 15% per cent increase Read More

Panama Tops the World in Well-Being Again, US drops from 12th to 23rd – Gallup

Panama does it again.  Gallup surveyed people from every country in the world and measured five key elements of their well-being. Panama not only came in first, but came in far above any other country…. again.  Panamanians were especially “thriving” in the areas of Purpose, Social, Community and Physical well-being. This may help to explain Read More

Astounding 32% Growth in Foreign Direct Investment in Panama

What does it mean when a small country like Panama sees a dramatic uptick in foreign investment after years of solid gains?  It appears the smart money knows where to go.  Panama is the only country in Central America seeing increases of this sort. Where is the money going? According to this article…”Hotels, banks, real Read More

Another Big Investment Coming? Panama Canal gets US grant for LNG terminal

The Canal expansion project took a big step forward this week with the filling of the expansion locks.  Now, as the Canal Authority prepares for next year’s expanison opening, the US has provided a grant of unknown size to study the creation of a liquified natural gas terminal in Panama.  That sounds like a big Read More

President Varela in Boquete – Gives Order to Begin $22.5 Million Water Distribution / Treatment Project

It is really happening.  The enormous water distribution project for Boquete is now underway. You might recall our announcement of this project last January along with astonishment at the level of investment. While the number has been shaved a bit to $22.5 Million, it remains a huge amount. It is an exciting development to see Read More

Forbes: “Panama: Achieving Prosperity and Equity at the Crossroads of the World”

Forbes starts this article with  “Panama is on a roll these days.”  This interview with eloquent Vice President Isabel de Saint Malo de Alvarado has a few notable mentions. Panama shined as expected at the recent Summit of the Americas. Panama is engaged in  “new mega-projects in power-generation, fuel-storage, logistics, and transportation, all tied to Read More

Explored 41 countries, Chose Panama, Started Resort – A You Can Do It Too Video

Have you ever thought about what it would be like? People spend huge parts of their lives in cubicles or small offices gazing out the window (if they have one) or staring at screen savers and calendars of tropical paradise.  They think about what it would be like to live in a place like that, Read More

Forbes on Canal Expansion: “It turns out this will be a very big deal”

Another acknowledgement of Panama’s positive impact on the world and a preview of the kind of positive Panama coverage we will see frequently over the next year. Why The New Panama Canal Is Exactly What Struggling Retailers Need Right Now Forbes, May 15, 2015, by Paula Rosenblum Macy’s is the most recent retailer to have Read More

Time Magazine: Panama City skyline equal to Miami’s, features Canal Impact

The accolades and prognostications keep coming in. The expansion of the Canal is one of those stories that will keep building until next year’s launch.  And as it gets closer, every article will mention Panama’s rise.  This will translate into continued interest in the country; for investment, tourism and retirement.  Expect a fevered pitch of Read More

CBS features “Jurassic Park” of Panama

This is an example of the world just starting to discover Panama’s tourist riches. Expect to keep hearing quotes in the world media like this one this week on CBS: “On a recent trip to Panama with President Obama, we found something amazing, something the Smithsonian has been hiding in plain sight for almost 100 Read More

“Buoyant Panama” at the Cannes Film Festival

 Panama’s rapid development is not just economic.  The modernization of Panama’s rich culture is bringing Panama to the world.  In this case, Panama’s film industry is seeing a boost; this in terms of international visibility, appreciation for Panama’s film festival, Panama as a great place to film TV shows and movies, and also now with Read More

National Geographic & Discovery: Rare Shipwreck Discovered off Panama

Panama is a romantic place… the land of James Bond, tropical islands, exotic jungles, sexy beaches and …. long-lost Pirate ships. Rare Spanish Shipwreck From 17th Century Uncovered Off Panama The cargo ship went down in 1681 with crates of swords, nails, and bolts of cloth.  National Geographic, May 12, 2015, by Jane J. Lee Read More

Boquete Early Retirement in U.S. News & World Report

The allure of retirement in an exotic tropical destination is something many people dream of, but until recently, few people had the courage and vision to do.  That is changing. What was once considered unusual and odd is now hip.  For some the move is a temporary, yet indefinite adventure – to relocate and have Read More

$30 million Convention Center Proposed for David, Panama

Photo is from El Informe article about the recently rebuilt Central Park – Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra in the center of David, Panama A big convention center in David would be an exciting development.  It is in the proposal phase and so it is not yet clear how likely this project will come to fruition. Read More

Second Artificial Island to Be Built Off Panama City

The first island is now complete and so the second comes right behind. “Boskalis Ready for the 2nd Artificial Island Dredging Today, April 1, 2015 Dutch Prime Minister, Mr. Mark Rutte will from Friday 10 to Sunday 12 April 2015 visit Panama, having been invited by President Juan Carlos Varela to attend the Summit of Read More

Panama’s International Film Festival also Highlights Growth of Theatres

Coinciding with the Summit of the Americas was another great Panama event, the International Film Festival of Panama.  The event based in historic Casco Viejo screened over 60 films from around the world. It brought attention to Panama’s film making community as well as the growth in high-end movie theatres as featured in the Boston Read More

L’essor de Panama – The Rise of Panama

The regular addition of international flights to Panama along with Panama’s increasing visibility due to high profile press is resulting in the rise of Panama Tourism. This article in French (along with the Google translated version) features recently added direct flights from Montreal and the historical, trendy old city Casco Viejo. The article also has Read More

Summit of the Americas – Big Impact on Panama, US gains Popularity

The anticipated meeting between Obama and Castro occurred this week at the Summit of the Americas in Panama City. (Time article on the Summit below NYT article) The event shined a light on Panama, injected an estimated $80 – $100 million into Panama’s economy, brought in an estimated 50,000 influential visitors, and lifted Panama’s political, Read More

Biggest U.S. – Panama Commercial Transaction Ever – Copa buys 61 jets from Boeing

Copa is really on the move.  It seems every few months there is a big expansion announcement from the Panamanian airline. The purchase of billions in new planes is a huge move for the growing airline.  Expect to keep hearing more from Copa.  Most of the news will be in the form of direct flights Read More

Panama City named City of the Future in The Wealth Report

Panama City has been identified as one of the four cities of the future from the standpoint of High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth individuals. The report suggests Panama City and the other cities should be on the radar for the very rich from the standpoint of the “wealth creation opportunities they will Read More

Boquete, Panama featured in the New York Times

Boquete has long been a place of fascination consistently drawing international attention.  The beauty of the mountain location coupled with the exotic Panama environment is captivating.  That so many foreigners are drawn here is a source of curiosity and admiration to the millions of those who think about what life could be like if only Read More

The Panama – Nicaragua Canal Rivalry

  Panama’s Canal Authority has altered the rhetoric on the proposed Nicaragua Canal. The Nicaragua Canal plan with connections to China, has been mostly dismissed by Panama until now. A Canal V.P. is now saying they take the project seriously. Perhaps it was not politically palatable to be so dismissive of the project or perhaps Read More

Obama is coming to Panama – The Big Focus of the Summit? Cuba (& Venezuela)

The world’s attention will be turning to Panama next month as the Summit of the Americas takes place. Most of the heads of state for all of the democratic countries of the Western Hemisphere will be in attendance. But all eyes will be on President Barack Obama and Raul Castro. You can expect mucho press Read More

Lost in Paradise – Myles’ and Martina’s Parrot

On Monday, we received an email notice from News Boquete that Myles and Martina had lost their parrot.  They had raised it from near birth and now it was gone.  Here’s the notice: Lost Parrot  Area of Los Naranjos. If you see our parrot, please call Myles  We raised her from a baby. Thanks for Read More

Boquete Flowers and Coffee Fair a Huge Success

The mayor’s office confirmed that attendance this year was 145,604 people well up from 133,288 last year.  The annual fair which lasted eleven days is a popular draw for Panamanians. It takes place just across the Caldera river in the center of town.   It is the biggest fair of the year so the town Read More

Casa Solution in the New York Times

A few weeks ago, Casa Solution was approached by the New York Times to do an article about the amazing growth of Boquete and a featured listing. Our staff engaged in interviews and coordinated the site visit as well as the photo-shoot in Valle Escondido conducted by the New York Times photographer. The article appeared Read More

David Panama’s Catholic Bishop Elevated To Cardinal – Learned the news by WhatsApp

“Pope Francis has put his stamp firmly on the Roman Catholic Church by naming 20 new cardinals from countries as diverse as Ethiopia, Vietnam and Panama” – UK Telegraph Another impressive step by the new Pope.  His warmth and progressive statements are making waves and winning hearts. For a small city like David to have Read More

$25,000,000 New Water System Coming to Boquete

This is an amazing number, the kind of number necessary to completely transform the water distribution and treatment system in Boquete. “It’s all about the water” When I first arrived to Panama, my father took me out on to his property. I recall he turned to me and said, “Son, it’s all about the water. Read More

Copa Update – Flight Schedule, Pricing and Press Release

Panama City to David Flight Schedule Note: Please confirm flight times when booking.  Some days during the week are now being scheduled at slightly different times. Morning Flights Panama City (Tocumen) to David         departs 7:55 am    arrives 8:59 am David to Panama City (Tocumen) to David         departs 9:29 am    Read More

Copa Update – Book Your Flight Now 14 flights a Week to David Start January 15th

As predicted, the request has been granted. Copa flights will come into David from Panama City’s Tocumen International starting January 15, 2015.  That’s just a couple of weeks away. We are already seeing the impact on the Boquete real estate market. It seems that “busy season” has arrived early. Boquete is abuzz with upbeat buyers Read More

Consumer Prices Fall in Panama

October and November have seen lower month over month consumer prices in Panama.  November -.3% and October – .1%.   This is mostly due to lower fuel prices.  Another factor is the food price control program President Varela campaigned on to help keep food prices accessible for poorer Panamanians.  That program has just been extended another Read More

Nicaragua Starts Construction of Canal to Compete with Panama

They have inaugurated the project and so it begins.  This article makes a strong case that the Nicaragua project which competes with the Panama Canal will never come to fruition. In summary: It is expected to cost $50,000,000,000 and would be a major economic benefit to a very poor country. There was no transparency in Read More

Wind is here…Panama needs $3 billion more in energy investments

Add another top ranking to Panama’s list.  Panama is about to have Latin America’s largest wind farm.  The World Bank will provide $300 million in financing for the project.  Expect lots more wind development projects in Panama once this one is established.  The country has the need for much more power.  According to this article Read More

Updated – It’s Happening – Schedule Announced – Big News: Copa Plans 14 flights a Week to David

Now announced – Copa will start the flights  between Panama City Tocumen and David, Panama on January 15, 2015.  Schedule is: Morning Flights Panama City (Tocumen) to David         departs 7:55  am   arrives 8:59 am David to Panama City (Tocumen) to David         departs 9:29 am   arrives 10:20 am Afternoon Flights Read More

October 9, 2014 Casa Solution Newsletter

Click here for the October 9, 2014 Casa Solution Real Estate Newsletter In this issue: Panama Canal Expansion Video Canal Big Deal for US Engineers Panama’s Credit Rating Lost in Paradise  Panama Relocating Animals    A New Free Trade Agreement Coffee Prices Hit 2 Year High Great Deals of the Month Over 80 Exclusive Listings Read More

September 24, 2014 Casa Solution Real Estate Newsletter – Boquete is the World’s Happiest Place

  Click here for the September 24, 2014 Casa Solution Real Estate Newsletter   In this edition: In this Issue: Gallup Video Explains …         “Panama Leads the World in Wellbeing” Is Boquete the World’s Happiest Place?   $35 Billion in Infrastructure Coming New Museum “Craziest Building Yet”    Rudy Giuliani vs. Noreiga – It’s Read More

September 15, 2014 Casa Solution Real Estate Newsletter

Click here for the September 15, 2014 Casa Solution Real Estate Newsletter   In this edition: The New Website    Starbucks is Coming Buyers opting for “more progressive” Panama Ride the first Subway in Latin America Panama Leads Latin American Growth Great Deals of the Month Over 80 Exclusive Listings Over 400 Boquete Area Listings 3D Read More

Panama Impressive #1 and Top Distinctions

It is impressive how often Panama comes in at #1.  Among the distinctions are: New: Only Hypergrowth Economy for Next Five Years in Entire Western Hemisphere per Havard Business Review Highest Economic Growth Rate in all of Central and South America First Monorail in Central America World’s Longest Airline Flight All 20 of the Tallest Read More

Panama News – Metro Video, Louisiana, Noreiga, Tocumen, Economy, and Jets

Some other recent news as of November 6, 2014: A Ride on the New Panama Metro, Central America’s First Subway The new Metro is getting great reviews.  35¢ a ride? Oh the simple pleasures…but it will go up soon. This feature shows it well from South Louisiana and Panama bolster alliance An example of Read More

A Friendly Look at the new President of Panama – Georgia Tech Grad

 _ Curious about what Juan Carlos Varela is like? This short video of his recent visit to Georgia where he visited the CDC reveals a sociable side of our new Presidente. It also highlights the connections between Panama and the United States. President Varela is a graduate of and advisor to Georgia Tech. Of note Read More

High Fashion in Panama Mercedes Benz Style

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – Panama Panamanians who have any means are very snazzy dressers and Panamanian women aspire to as well as understand high fashion. So, it makes sense that Panama become a destination for Latin American style. Last week was Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Panama. The event was a successful international fashion Read More

UK’s Biggest Financial Magazine Loves Panama

Moneyweek loves Panama. We can expect these kinds of investor raves about the country to keep coming. One of the main features of the article is mining. Just one new major mine in Panama is expected to add a $6.4 billion investment to the Panama economy.  That’s comparable to the amount being invested in the Read More

Stem Cell Treatment in Panama – Two Men’s Stories

I was fascinated to hear recently that one of our clients in Boquete is traveling regularly to Panama City for stem cell treatment. The treatment is incomplete and while I get the impression they are still assessing its effectiveness, they also mentioned some improvement. We are reluctant to tout this option without knowing more about Read More

The Hotel Rooms Keep Coming – Hyatt Place and Grace Just Opened

– Thousands of new hotel rooms are coming on-line in Panama City and the Pacific beaches keeping the prices down. There was a notable spike in room prices from about 2006 to roughly 2010. But all the new hotels coming on line have subdued pricing in Panama City.  This month we have Hyatt Place and Read More

Wonderful Boquete Fairs, Parades and Events

Starting in the first week of November, we enter holiday season in Boquete and that means lots of parades and fairs from now through April of next year. November is about independence and patriotism. The streets of Boquete swell with cheerful people as proud citizens and students march, dance and play instruments in impressive formations.  Read More

New York Times features new Gehry Museum

This new museum is certainly getting a lot of press.  Here’s another article about it just out in the New York Times. Articles like this one have a surprisingly strong impact on tourism.  Another $100 million plus investment in the country’s development. Biomuseo Showcases Panama’s Ecological Diversity – New York Times By JUDITH H. DOBRZYNSKI Read More

Trump Ocean Club’s Casino Now Open

  An impressive feature of Panama’s skyline is the Trump Ocean Club.  Now you can play there.  The new Ocean Sun casino opened to the public on September 12, 2014.  The venue is on the first floor, but there is a premium casino on the 66th floor for high rollers.  Trump Ocean Club has had Read More

Canal Expansion 81% complete – $110 million port expansion by Hong Kong conglomerate

It seems like every week, there is another $100 million investment announcement in this little country. To put things in perspective, Panama’s population at just over 3 million is much smaller than that of the Philadelphia metropolitan area.  Colombians alone quadrupuled their investments in Panama this year over last.  The smart money just keeps pouring Read More

Panama and Colombia come to agreement

. Vice President of Panama, Isabel De Saint Malo and Colombia’s Foreign Minister, María Ángela Holguín photo and article in Spanish, In the last newsletter, we mentioned that Colombia was jostling for more control over their citizens’ assets.  Depending on who’s reporting, Colombian citizens either tripled or quadrupled investments in Panama this past year. Read More

Coffee Bean Prices Hit 2 year high and headed higher

Boquete and Volcan are coffee country. These areas in Chiriqui produce most of the coffee grown in Panama.  When driving through the hills and hiking the trails of Boquete you see lots of the rich green leaves and, in the right time of year, the bursting red berries or flowering coffee bushes.  The coffee farms Read More

Panama relocating Monkeys, Sloths, Crocs, Snakes

Amazing. It comes as welcome news that so many animals displaced by the expansion are being relocated. A huge project like the canal expansion unfortunately equals habitat destruction. If this report is representative of what’s really happening, then there is an impressive good faith effort underway to mitigate that impact. Flora and fauna saved in Read More

Boquete “Real Estate & Retirement Hotspot” & Casa Solution featured in the Luxury Latin America Top Travel Site

We are proud to have contributed to this great article on Boquete from the top luxury travel website for Latin America.  Several Casa Solution listings were featured including: One of the Finest Estate Houses in Boquete, Panama Incredible Estate House with Glorious Gardens in Valle Escondido, Boquete Impressive Mountain Residence Near  The Quetzal Trail The Read More

Standard and Poor’s and Fitch affirm Panama credit rating

            It was big news in 2010 when the three big rating agencies announced Panama as worthy of investment grade credit ratings. Since then, the ratings have improved a couple of notches. As of Oct. 8, 2014, there are new announcements of stable ratings from Fitch and S & P. S and P – ‘BBB/A-2’ Read More

Another Free Trade Agreement – This Time It’s Mexico!

The Panamanian government has steadily amassed successes on trade agreements over recent years. Here comes another one. Expect more to come with neighboring Colombia possibly up next and the Pacific Alliance membership likely to follow. Panama generally likes to cooperate and that’s good for business. There might be a short-term wrinkle in plans with Colombia Read More

Video of Panama Canal Expansion in Progress & Panama Canal Expansion Impact on US Engineers

This great 1 and a half minute video shows the incredible scope of the work being done to expand the canal and a gives a quick look at the Canal’s new leader Sr. Jorge Luis Quijano.    It comes as part of the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Global Engineering Conference in Panama City that is Read More

Copa Airlines the Most Profitable in the World

Another reason for Panamanians to be Happy. The Panamanian airline is first in profitability among all major airlines worldwide.  Have you flown Copa lately?  It is a pleasure.  More meals, new planes, comfortable seats, friendly flight attendants…. and the most profit?  Expect this Panamanian airline  to Panama to keep growing and growing.  Also watch while Read More

Rudy Giuliani vs. Noriega – It’s On!

   It’s On! In this cornnnnner, Freedom Fighter Rudolph “El Alcade” Giuliani, weighing in at a nonfat yogurt reduced unknown weight. And in this cornnnnnner, Former Panamanian Dictator, Manuel “Hate That Prison Food” Noriega. You may have heard that former dictator (currently jailed in Panama) Manuel Noriega recently placed a U.S. lawsuit against Activision for Read More

Panama President Varela plans $35 billion in infrastructure projects

President Varela was recently on an official trip to Spain.  He announced plans for $35 billion in projects with specifics to come.  To start with is the major expansion of the Metro Subway project,  a second subway line which is going forward. The huge Panama Canal expansion is forging ahead with a new projected completion Read More

More Good Economic News

Two weeks ago we reported on how Panama is leading Latin American growth, this week comes good news on inflation and continued growth. Panama’s inflation rate has gone down to 2.1% on lower transportation, healthcare and clothing costs, the lowest since December 2009.  After averaging 4.87% between 2008 and 2014, the 2.1% rate is welcome Read More

More Worldwide Coverage on Panama’s #1 Happiness Ranking

There has been a lot of coverage on Panama’s ranking.  Here are a few of the articles. Forbes – “It Must Be The Inequality That Makes Panama The Happiest Country In The World” – Tim Worstall 9/18/14 (With) the slightly surprising news that Panama is actually the happiest country in the world, overtaking the former Read More

“This Might be Frank Gehry’s Craziest Building Yet” – Fast Company

This really wild-looking museum on the Amador Causeway in Panama City is another feather in Panama’s hat.  It’s due to open next week on October 2, 2014.  As a narrow land-bridge between North and South America Panama has been blessed with astonishing wildlife diversity.  This new attraction honors that distinction as well as provides another Read More

“World’s happiest country: how did Panama overtake Denmark?” – The Guardian

There is something about the culture and setting of Latin America that makes people feel good.  Add to that balmy inclination a booming economy, increasing wealth, decent healthcare, essentially zero unemployment and gorgeous natural wonders all around and you get lots of smiles. This article says that “suddenly there is a new leader in the Read More

Gallup Video – “Panama Leads the World in Well-being”

Panama is number one in a measure of well-being of 135 countries. This video makes it clear – Panama’s people are “thriving.”  When considering where to spend your time, be around people who are happy and optimistic about the future. All of that joy is bound to rub off. The research measured five components of Read More

UK Telegraph Names “World’s 20 best places to invest in property” Panama takes number 6

Oh and we happen to know a few nice properties to consider…. World’s 20 best places to invest in property – UK Telegraph “(Panama) is looking like an increasingly sound bet for the enterprising investor in property. The country enjoys stable government and had a higher GDP growth rate than China in 2012. “There is Read More

Where to Invest? Panama leads Latin American growth

Panama will have the highest economic growth rate of any Latin American country this year.  In a recently released report from the United Nations’ Economic Commission, Panama’s anticipated growth rate of 6.7% will be the highest followed by Bolivia at 5.5% and Panama’s neighbor, Colombia at 5%.  Panama continues to amaze the world with year Read More

3D printing hits Panama

  This development is representative of Panama’s Latin American leadership in modernity.  You can get almost anything in Panama.  Now you can get printers there that print actual physical 3D items you can use.  This printer shop is a sign of the times. If you aren’t familiar yet with 3D printing, you will be soon. Read More

Starbucks is coming – Panamanians will love it

  When our team visits the United States, what some of the staff and their family ask to have brought back to Panama are items from Starbucks – anything from Starbucks.  Mugs with the logo, cups, coffee, whatever.  This is a coffee loving culture and many have connections to or deep appreciation for the United Read More

Another Direct Flight to Panama – Denver (also see list of direct flights to Panama)

  Updated – United canceled the Denver service, but now Copa will have Denver direct flights.  More info here: New Direct to Denver Flights from Copa – 13th US City to Get Direct Copa Flights United Airlines has announced that they will offer direct flights from Denver to Panama City, Panama starting in December 2014. Read More

$780 million upgrade to Panama Airport underway

Panama’s Tocumen Airport has improved and grown enormously over the last several years with more to come. New terminals, flights and improvements have come fast.  Just six or seven years ago, it took a long time to move through immigrations, baggage and customs in Panama and there were just a few cities outside of Latin Read More

First Subway Metro ever in Latin America now Operating in Panama

  Another impressive accomplishment for Panama.  The Metro, open as of April 2014, is part of the many projects underway in Panama’s capital to alleviate congestion.  Along with the Metro are many road works which are already improving the standard of living in Panama City.  This country is serious about development. Excerpt from: Fox News Read More

Juan Carlos Varela wins 2014 Presidential Election

Juan Carlos Varela will be the next President of Panama.  It was a surprise victory.  Given the high approval rating of outgoing President Ricardo Martinelli, it was expected that his hand-picked successor would triumph.  However, since the days of Noreiga in the 80’s, the sitting party has never repeated in a presidential election.  Democracy is Read More

NPR on Panama

“Panama’s Canal Divides A Country Into Haves And Have-Nots” It is true that Panama has a lot of poverty and that inequality is very evident. The good news is that with so much economic growth, while greatly enriching the influential of the country, the lot of Panamanians as a whole has also improved.  The average Read More

New Panama Diamond Exchange

Panama is the business crossroads of the Americas. It’s geological position, political stability and pro-business orientation along with the strategic Panama Canal’s role in international commerce makes it the logical choice for exchanges like this one.  The new diamond exchange will be a new major gem and jewelry center. A reflection of Panama’s sparkling appeal Read More

Is Boquete the World’s Happiest Place?

Panama Wins Happiness Again in 2014! Gallup, the respected international polling organization, interviewed 1,000 people in each of 148 countries throughout the world to measure people’s happiness with the results released in December 2012. Panama incredibly earned the distinction of the number 1 happiest place in the world. Fast forward to 2014 and Panama does Read More