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Home » Volcan, Tierras Altas & Nearby

Volcan, Tierras Altas & Nearby

Volcan, Tierras Altas & Nearby

Welcome to Tierras Altas, a gorgeous mountain district in the highlands of Western Panama.

Tierras Altas includes the corregimientos of Volcan, Cerro Punta, Cuesta de Piedra, Nueva California and Paso Ancho.

Volcan is the largest town in Tierras Altas and is the local center of commerce.  There are plenty of stores and amenities in this beautiful place.  Volcan is being touted as the “next Boquete” yet it has already been discovered by many expats and is a favorite tourist, second home and coffee farming destination for Panamanians “in the know.”   Volcan is located at the base of the famous Volcan Baru, Panama's highest peak.

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Most of Tierras Altas has spectacular views of Volcan Baru from a variety of beautiful perpectives.  Tierras Altas is considered the breadbasket of Panama.    The region is abundant with fresh produce, so there is an abundant local supply of natural and healthy food. And it’s less than an hour’s drive from the province’s capital city of David.

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While the whole region is having increased visibility, Volcan, itself, is in the process of a renaissance.  The town was to receive extensive new development funds.  Thus, the main road is enjoying major improvements including new sidewalks, a bike path, more parking, green areas with ornamental flowers and trees and lantern style-lighting.  The central park is also being transformed into a spectacular new town center.   Volcan is really looking great.

We’ve been enthused about what’s happening in Tierras Altas and nearby, we decided to have a new Casa Solution office there in Volcan which recently opened in the end of 2022.

The whole Tierras Altas region is blessed with great weather; especially if you don’t like the heat of the lowlands.

Some of the rich-soil farming communities of Tierras Altas include Cerro Punta, Plaza de Caisan, and Rio Sereno on the Costa Rican border.

The travel time between Boquete and Tierras Altas was recently shortened by the completion of the Ruta Sur road, an impressive public works project.

The fertile lands of Tierras Altas and the nearby district of Renacimiento where you can find the beautiful area of Rio Serrano, are used to grow a variety of crops, including strawberries, plums, onions, tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, coffee, corn, bananas, potatoes, lettuce, and flowers. Along with large dairy, horse, and cattle farms, there are several smaller sheep, pig, and chicken farms scattered throughout the region.

Tierras Altas is known for picturesque mountain views, misty hillsides of tropical foilage, high altitude homes for sale, gardens, and abundant wildflowers.  It's a wonderful place for those looking for growing, authentic community.

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Cost of Living In Volcan & Tierras Altas

The cost of living in Tierras Altas is considered very affordable with rentals, real estate prices for houses and lots, food and restaurants being a more affordable than in world-famous Boquete right on the other side the mountain.

The Tierras Altas area have friendly people who support one another, offering a relaxed and healthy lifestyle with fresh food, spectacular scenery, good amenities, and a low cost of living.

Some of the notable places to enjoy in Volcan and nearby include:

Tizingal mountain hot springs, open to the public provide a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the tropical setting.

Finca Dracula, a reservation only, botanical garden with a wide variety of orchids is a popular place to visit.

The Chiriqui Viejo River is one of the longest rivers in the province of Chiriqui. It originates in the rainforest within the protected areas of the La Amistad International Park near Volcan and runs through four of the five corregimientos that make up the Tierras Altas district. Its waters are used downstream for level 4 river rafting. It flows into the Pacific Ocean coast in the district of Barú.

The Lagoons of Volcan are the natural bodies of freshwater that we find at the highest altitude in Panamanian territory. They are the habitat of a great variety of birds and a favorite resting place of migratory birds from North to South America and vice versa.  They help make Volcan a bird watching mecca.

The Llano is a pretty place in the area that turns into a large golden grass field with pine trees from which one can take in the full splendor of the nearby mountains and towering Volcan Baru.

These are just a few of the wonderful places in Tierras Altas you can enjoy.

Please view the current Tierras Altas listings for sale below which often include big homes, lovely estate houses with a lot of pretty land, other houses of various sizes, farms for sale, coffee farms, residential development opportunities, and lots, some of them quite large, with incredible views.

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  • High Altitude
  • Cool Year-Round Weather
  • Rich Farming Community – Coffee, Flowers, Produce, Livestock
  • Popular with Expats
  • At Base of Volcan Baru, Panama’s Tallest Mountain
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