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Boquete, Chiriqui Province

With wonderful views around every corner, a great microclimate, and pretty homes, Volcancito is one of the most popular areas for people seeking to move to Boquete.

In addition to spectacular mountain views, one of the highlights of the community is the loop road that winds its way from the entrance of downtown Boquete all the way up to the top of Volcancito and back again, providing residents and visitors with breathtaking mountain views and a sense of seclusion in the heart of nature. Along the road, you will find an interesting mix of luxury homes and picturesque coffee farms, showcasing the area's unique blend of modern elegance and rustic charm.

As you ride up to Boquete from David and reach the entrance to downtown from where you descend into the gorgeous Boquete valley, to your left is the road leading to the area of Volcancito. As you drive this scenic loop road that graces the western side of Boquete, you rise above the town passing luxury homes, coffee fields and long-established romantic homesteads.

This Volcancito, Boquete road goes well up into the mountains until it reaches the area of El Salto and Camiseta near the entrance of the Volcan Baru National park. Then the road heads through El Salto leading back to downtown Boquete. This loop road offers spectacular scenery. It’s fun to drive it even if you are just visiting town.

One of the greatest appeals of Volcancito is its microclimate. There are various altitudes to choose from in Volcancito. The temperatures remain fresh and spring-like all year around here. In the higher altitudes of Volcancito, it can be chilly in the evening, a great temperature for cuddling and sleeping, though a bit cool for some folks at night. Overall, the temperature in Volcancito is just great all year with afternoons usually in the low 70s to the low 80s.

In the dryer months of the year, Boquete is graced with a light misty rain some days that produces Boquete’s many spectacular rainbows. Most of the time, the mist is light enough so that there is no need for an umbrella, though it tends to be a bit heavier on the North side of town. The bajareque does reach Volcancito however, just enough to help the flora remain green in the dryer months. However, most days it tends to be rather light in Volcancito if it reaches this part of town at all. This is appealing to many who enjoy the sunny skies while the area still maintains enough moisture to be refreshing.

Volcancito is also near the entrance to the famed Volcan Baru National Park. Its location in Panama, altitude and proximity to parklands make this area a great place for bird-watching. Put out a banana each morning and enjoy the colorful array of beautiful birds each day.

Volcancito sits at altitudes ranging from about 4,000 to 5,500 feet, providing residents with cool evenings and spring-like weather year-round. There are a range of different places to choose from to live in Volcancito. From the neighborly Santa Lucia subdivision host to the Santa Lucia country club with tennis court and swimming pool, to the view-blessed Volcanito Village or the higher altitude big view Cerro Azul community at the top of the loop road, there are many options. And all in between are homesites and wonderful homes available for sale with different characteristics and varying views.

Volcancito, like the rest of Boquete is well-located for a day trip to the beach. Some of the most popular Pacific beach and island destinations are only about an hour to two hours from here. That makes it easy to pop down to the beach and back in the same day.
Nearly all of Volcancito is between 5 – 20 minutes from downtown Boquete. That makes all of Boquete’s many fine and fun restaurants, shops, parades, fairs and parks a short distance away.

Volcancito is clearly one of the most desirable areas for life in Boquete. Please take a look at the current listings for sale below which often include large view homes, estate properties and houses, prime view lots, coffee farms, and sometimes more modest, yet comfortable homes as well. We'd appreciate the opportunity to serve as your real estate agent for the successful sale or purchase of your new house, investment property or home site in Volcancito, Boquete, Panama.

What To Love
  • Incredible Views in Multiple Directions
  • One of the Most Popular Residential Areas
  • Easy Access to Downtown
  • Cool Weather
  • Great Microclimate
  • Various Elevations to Choose From
  • Santa Lucia Neighborhood & Country Club
  • Coffee Farms
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