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Colon Province

Colon Province

The province of Colon is located on the Caribbean coast of Panama and is host to Panama's 2nd largest city. It is a significant business center in Panama given that it is home to the Panama Canal Duty Free Zone and many other attractions.

One of the highlights of the Colon province is its Caribbean towns, such as Portobelo and La Guaira, which offer vibrant Caribbean culture, delicious food, traditional Calypso music, and UNESCO-recognized Congo dances. Visitors can also learn about the African legacy at the Casa de la Cultura Congo, which offers information workshops and the creation of beautiful arts and crafts.

Outdoor enthusiasts will love the beautiful islands of Isla Grande and Isla Mamey, which are perfect for snorkeling, paddling, and kayaking. Those who prefer a more laid-back vacation can take a boat tour or relax on one of the white sandy beaches. The province is also home to the Portobelo National Park, where visitors can hike through the mysterious forests and chase waterfalls.

History buffs can explore the forts, historic homes, and museums in San Lorenzo and Portobelo, which have been designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The fortifications are "magnificent examples of 17th and 18th-century military architecture," according to UNESCO. Visitors can also visit the Panama Canal Visitor Center in Agua Clara, which offers unique views of the Panama Canal Expansion and the brand new locks.

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