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Boca Chica

Boca Chica

Boca Chica is the launching point for many Pacific Island excursions into the Gulf of Chiriqui. The best known beaches around Boca Chica are at sea on small islands where it is typical to find yourself soaking in the rays on white sand, swimming waters of perfect bath-like temperatures and snorkeling all day among scores of tropical fish species rarely seeing another soul on your little spot of paradise. The area is a favorite of sport fishermen and occasionally you will see a fishing boat trolling in the distance.

Attracted to the beauty and the tranquility, there are a growing number of incredible ocean view homes in Boca Chica.
For those who choose to live here, life reminds one of Fantasy Island. Sometimes, it does feel like a dream come true. Being lightly populated, Boca Chica feels far from the issues of modern life, yet luxury homes, the incredible islands, the warm ocean, the good infrastructure and proximity to David, Panama’s third largest city make living here a sublime experience for many.

One of the appeals of life in Boca Chica are the nearby islands you can visit. Islands like Bolaños, Gamez, the Secas, and others provide spectacular island beaches getaways. You can have your own boat in the protected bay, or you can hire one of the boat operators for 4-6 hours who will take you to one of the islands. After you hop out and pop on shore, they will anchor just past the waves and wait until you call them in to return. The beaches on the islands a bit out to sea are a 20 minute to ½ hour boat ride that is a wonderful part of the experience. Some of the beaches have amazing coral reefs boasting an impressive assortment of tropical fish. At times, you might spot sea turtles, dolphins, flying fish, eels and rays during the visit. Tour companies also offer options to see the islands further out on more sophisticated vessels. Take a snorkeling and fishing visit to the Secas islands and make it back home in time for lunch. If you are feeling more adventurous, journey to Coiba, the massive island, former penal colony and now a nature preserve.

Boquete, Volcan, David and other popular areas of Chiriqui Province are an easy day trip from Boca Chica. Easy access to acclaimed mountain tourist destinations in a gorgeous province offers another super facet of life in Boca Chica. The large expat communities in those areas also provide social activities and special event opportunities when the mood strikes.

Boca Chica is the subject of development speculation. The attractiveness of the Boca Chica region as a whole, the proximity to Costa Rica and so many unspoiled islands rich in picture postcard scenery have prompted new boutique hotels, some with great restaurants, and a bit of high-end residential development. In nearby Tole, investors are in the early stages of the development of a large marina project which could bring more attention to the area in the future.

Boca Chica is just 45 minutes from David and 1 hour and 20 minutes from Boquete on the Pan American highway and good paved roads. Great mainland beaches are also nearby such as Las Lajas and Playa Hermosa right next door.

It’s a charmed life in Boca Chica. Consider it for your new home or 2nd home in one of the most tranquil and beautiful places in the world.

Please take a look below at the current real estate listings for sale in Boca Chica, Panama. They often include luxury homes, beachfront houses, ocean view houses, hotels or hostels, island property, and houses on islands for sale.

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