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While Panama Province goes from Panama City all the way to the Darien Province and jungle, the parts of Panama City on the east side of the Panama Canal, take the spotlight when one thinks of Panama Province.

Panama City is a thriving metropolis cited by Knight Frank in The Wealth report as one of the cities of the future offering “wealth creation opportunities,” attracting the attention of the very rich. Panama City is known for its pro-business government and strong, growing economy, making it a safe and stable place to live and invest. Its real estate market is particularly attractive to expats, with a wide variety of homes, condos and properties for sale to suit all budgets and preferences. The cultural, historical and recreational opportunities in Panama City are quite impressive making Panama City a high-profile, renowned destination for both new residents from all over the world as well as those seeking an exciting business and logistical center.

In Panama City and nearby areas there are hundreds of gleaming new skyscrapers and countless new residential developments from which to choose. Being a center for international tourism has its perks too. There are an incredible number of restaurants, hotels, high-end malls and spas here. There are museums and famed cultural sites, some of them chosen for special status by UNESCO. The Frank Gehry bio-museum, the Mirador causeway, and of course, the Panama Canal along with its museum are in the area. One of the greatest places to visit in Panama, Casco Viejo, is home of the Presidential Palace and offers a dreamlike step into history with historical buildings, cool bars, hotels and sites to enjoy right on the Pacific.

In addition to Panama City, the Province is home to other towns and areas such as the Cerro Azul mountain community.

And then there are islands…. Toboga just off Panama City and, further out to sea, The famous Pearl Islands of the Pacific with hotels and island residences.

In the province are many other amazing places, Smithsonian has several sites of their Tropical Research Institute you can visit. One site is on the Barro Colorado Island preserve within the Panama Canal. This one is in an isolated forest full of tropical wildlife and is a botanist’s dream.

The Metropolitan Natural Park is within Panama City, but it certainly feels like a rich jungle when inside it full of various monkey species and other amazing wildlife.

There is so much more to Panama Province. The region offers proximity to beach-side resorts and has one of the most prominent airport hubs in Latin America. The huge airport provides easy access to flights all over the world with short hops to exotic locations throughout Central and South America.

The extensive investments in the area are reflected in projects like the new expanding Metro in Panama City, a very modern transportation system, the enormous new Tocumen airport terminal dramatically ramping up capacity, and the multi-billion dollars investment in the expanded Panama Canal which has enhanced income for Panamanians while cementing Panama Province as one of the world’s critical waypoints.

Consider Panama Province for your new lifestyle, business endeavors or investment. It is an amazing Latin American success story, a wonderful place to call home.

Please take a look at the current Panama Province listings for sale below which often include luxury homes, ocean view condominiums, high-rise apartments, land opportunities, residential development houses, houses near or at the ocean, mountain houses near Panama City, gated community lots and houses, affordable homes, commercial plazas, hotels, island properties and houses in upscale new gated communities for sale.

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  • Panama Canal
  • On Pacific Ocean
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