Domo Arigato! $2 Billion Japanese Monorail Coming to Panama

The Japanese have long maintained significant corporate and diplomatic relations with Panama. Now, this strategic relationship is expanding with the biggest commercial engagement in Japan – Panama history. The deal will involve Japanese technology and funding.

The new monorail will be a high-tech and sci-fi looking 27 kilometers. This Line Three of the Panama Metro will make downtown far more accessible to those who live west of Panama City, energize parts of the city and improve quality of life for everyone.

Another multi-billion dollar infrastructure investment and the first monorail in Central America.

Also, expect to see more Japanese in Panama during the seven year project and beyond.  The sophisticated new residents will further enhance the diversity and corporate climate of the country.

Check out the impressive project and where the stations will be in this short video.

Panama Picks Japanese Technology for New $2 Billion Monorail