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Starbucks is coming – Panamanians will love it When our team visits the United States, some of the staff and their family ask for are items from Starbucks - anything from Starbucks. Mugs with the logo, cups, coffee, whatever. This is a coffee loving culture and many have connections to or deep appreciation for the United States. This translates to love of some U.S. brands in particular. Given that Panama is also world famous for its coffees (Panama gets the highest prices in the world auctions for specialty coffees) and some Panamanian coffee producers already provide fine coffee to Starbucks, expanding into Panama is a natural move for the company. Expect Starbucks to be a big hit in Panama. Expect more American and World wide brands to come here (think Wal-mart). On a side note, when in Panama, consider visiting a Panama-bred coffee shop like Kotowa, Duran, Lerida or Ruiz. Even better, visit some of Panama's coffee beneficios and cofee farms where you can get a tour of the farms and see coffee production in process. In many cases, the beans are harvested and processed by the indigenous peoples, the Ngobe Bugle (actually two different tribes) so visiting a coffee farm can be a fascinating cultural experience. SEATTLE TIMES Excerpt from: Starbucks to open stores in Bolivia and Panama Starbucks' efforts to expand in the Latin American market speed up as the coffee giant announces store openings in Bolivia and Panama. Its first cafe in Bogotá, Colombia's capital, is scheduled for a midsummer opening, the company says….

Starbucks also said its Central American partner, El Salvador-based Corporacion de FranquiciasAmericanas, will open in 2015 a Starbucks cafe in Panama, a fast-rising trade hub that's quickly morphing into an international finance center…

Latin America's booming middle classes, hungry for globalization, present plenty of opportunities for the Seattle cafe empire, but also present challenges as many countries in the region have deeply-rooted coffee cultures of their own…

"We see significant opportunity to grow our retail presence" in the region, Starbucks executive Cliff Burrows said.

Great Deals of the Month

First Subway Metro ever in Latin America now Operating in Panama First Subway Metro ever in Latin America now Operating in Panama Another impressive accomplishment for Panama. The Metro, open as of April 2014, is part of the many projects underway in Panama's capital to alleviate congestion. Along with the Metro are many road works which are already improving the standard of living in Panama City. This country is serious about development. Excerpt from: Fox News Latino
Companies deliver Panama City metro in record time and without cost overruns Companies deliver Panama City metro in record time and without cost overruns The Spanish companies involved in construction of the Panama City metro, to be inaugurated Saturday evening, said the project was delivered in "world record" time and within the budget constraints.

"Besides the outstanding compliance with the agreed timeframe and delivering it in just over three years, the construction of this metro is unprecedented because it was completed" without any cost overruns…".
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New Outsanding Properties

Report: Costa Rica buyers now opting for "more progressive" Panama Being so close to the Costa Rica border, Casa Solution receives many real estate buyers who either have considered Costa Rica as an alternative or are relocating from Costa Rica. What we hear consistently from them is that Costa Rica is a beautiful place but a difficult place to live and invest as a foreigner. In comparison to Panama, they cite the higher property prices, less advanced infrastructure, higher crime, bad roads, legal issues and cultural challenges.

We note that much of this information comes from those who are disenchanted by experiences in Costa Rica. However, the feedback has been too consistent to ignore. And here we have a report from a top Costa Rica real estate company indicating that Panama is "more progressive" and successfully drawing clients away from Costa Rica. Expect this "emerging" trend to accelerate as knowledge of Panama's rapid development, mostly pro-US/Canada/Europe culture, and business-friendly policies becomes more common.

Here's an excerpt:

Costa Rica Real Estate Report Reveals Some Surprises, June 10, 2014

"According to a recent study by San Jose-based CRREC…

Only a few weeks back, Costa Rica inducted a new president and while many believe the change in power will bring economic stimulus, others remain skeptical with recent announcements from Intel and HP that they will be closing operations in the country (of Costa Rica).

A surprising statistic unveiled within the report details an emerging trend of expatriates opting for the more progressive neighboring country of Panama. For decades, Panama and Costa Rica have fought toe to toe over tourism and the economic boost of attracting foreign investors.
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New Outsanding Properties

Great Properties to Buy
Price: $925,000
Price: Price: $650,000
Price: Price: $620,000
Price: Price: $495,000
Price: Price: $399,000
Price: Price: $487,550
Price: Price: $460,000
Price: Price: $369,000
Price: Price: $339,784
Price: Price: $299,000
Price: Price: $295,000
Price: Price: $259,000

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Upcoming events in Boquete
There's always something going on in Boquete, even during the low season. If you plan to be in the area soon, here's a roundup of events to look forward to in the coming weeks and months:
Boquete Tuesday Market Held at the Boquete Community Players Theatre & Event Center every Tuesday, from 9 a.m. to noon. If you're planning on moving to the area or you're just looking for one-of-a-kind items to take home, you'll want to drop by this vibrant community market. There's fresh, organic produce, arts and crafts items, books, coffee, and more.
Nana's Naughty Knickers The Boquete Community Players' staging of playwright Katherine DiSavino's comedy is a must-see. Running from July 11th (Friday) to 13th (Sunday) at the Tuesday Market venue.
Chiriquí Storage Flea Market Held every first Sunday of the month at the Chiriqui Storage grounds, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Apart from typical flea market goods, there's also usually plenty to eat and drink.
Dog Breath Chili Challenge A fundraising event hosted by Amigos de Animales, it will be held on August 3 at the Santa Lucia Country Club, from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. You can opt to rise to the challenge or participate as a judge.
BJBF Wine-tasting Fundraiser Head to Hacienda Los Molinos on September 6 to sample 10 great wines and listen to live music courtesy of the Rigoberto Coba Jazz Quartet. This is a fundraiser for next year's Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival. Boquete signature events
• Boquete bursts into bloom at the start of every year with the Feria de la Flores y del Café (Flower and Coffee Fair), one of Panama's most popular fairs and the town's main festival. It runs for 10 days in mid-January and is a grand celebration.
• The Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival will be celebrating its 9th year in 2015. Running from February 5th to 8th, it features a diverse lineup of international jazz and blues acts.
• Every April, you can rediscover the distinct beauty of orchids at the Expo Orquídeas (Orchid Expo). 2015 will be its 29th year.
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