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Valle Escondido, Boquete Panama - the Most Listings of Houses and Condos for sale

Valle Escondido is the luxurious residential development credited as a major factor in starting the wave of expats coming to Panama for a better lifestyle.
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Lucero Golf Course Community House Lot for Sale

Lot Size: 1546 Sq.M

0.38 Acres

Private lots are available at the exclusive Lucero Homes Golf Course Community for your new home. This one is 1/3 acre.
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Only 4 Left - One Lot Just Sold - 5 Already Segregated Low Price, Lovely & Flat Home Sites for Sale in Potrerillos Arriba, Panama - Choose Your Lot, Buy Multiple Lots or Buy Them All

Boquete List Price: $25,000

Lot Size: 2106 Sq.M

0.52 Acres

These five lots provide a great opportunity to build your new Panama house in a beautiful location at a low lot price.
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Temperate Climate Home Sites Near Boquete and David

Boquete List Price: $35,000

Lot Size: 2,646 Sq.M

0.65 Acres

In the sweet spot between Boquete and David is this property with access from both the main road between David and Boquete as well as the road that leads to Portrerillos and Volcan.
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Beautiful Lot in Bella Vista del Mundo, Impressive New Hotel Now In Operation!

Boquete List Price: $37,900

Lot Size: 3,031 Sq.M

0.75 Acres

Bella Vista Del Mundo, with one of the most beautiful views of the world you will find anywhere on this planet is located in the beautiful rainforest of the Province of Chiriquí in the mountains above the town of Gualaca, Republic of Panama.
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Mountain Lot in Alto Lino, Boquete

Boquete List Price: $39,000

Lot Size: 1,100 Sq.M

0.27 Acres

This lot on the "green side" of Boquete in Alto Lino has a beautiful view of the mountains surrounding downtown Boquete. Right on a well-paved road and only a 3 minute drive to downtown.
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Mountain View Lot for Sale in Jaramillo, Boquete, Panama - Nearly 1/2 Acre

Boquete List Price: $39,999

Lot Size: 1817 Sq.M

0.45 Acres

This lot for sale in Jaramillo, Boquete is about 15 minutes to downtown Boquete.  It has beautiful mountain views.
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On the new Boquete to David Four Lane Road

Boquete List Price: $45,000

Lot Size: 1,000 Sq.M

0.25 Acres

Choose as little as 1,000 sq. meters. Need more space? Make an offer for the size you want.
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Huge Price Reduction! - Macano, Panama 1.3 Hectare Property for Sale near River Ranch - Macano, Panama 1.3 Hectáreas Propiedad en Venta cerca del "River Ranch"

Boquete List Price: $45,444

Lot Size: 12984 Sq.M

3.21 Acres

This Panama property for sale is located close to Boquete about 20 minutes from downtown Boquete near River Ranch in Macano, Panama.
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Nearly 1.5 Hectares (15,000 square meters) of Boquete Land for Sale next to 18 Hole Golf Course Development

Boquete List Price: $49,000

Lot Size: 14,952 Sq.M

3.69 Acres

This lot is near several very high-end homes and is close to the ultra impressive Lucero Golf Course Community.
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Lovely Lot for Sale in Potrerillos Near Boquete, Panama

Boquete List Price: $49,000

Lot Size: 3000 Sq.M

0.74 Acres

This lot for sale is in an excellent locaiton on a quiet street just 3 minutes off the main Potrerillos Abajo road providing easy access to Boquete, Volcan, David and the glorious local beaches.
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Over 4 Acres of View-Blessed Property for Sale Next to Lucero Golf Course Community

Boquete List Price: $49,000

Lot Size: 16315 Sq.M

4.03 Acres

This is a lot of Boquete property for price. This pretty piece of Boquete land for sale is over four acres.
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Potrerillos Panama Property for Sale

Boquete List Price: $50,000

Lot Size: 6523 Sq.M

1.61 Acres

A nice flat property for sale in Potrerillos Arriba, Panama.
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View Lot for Sale in Alto Boquete, Boquete, Panama

Boquete List Price: $50,000

Lot Size: 900 Sq.M

0.22 Acres

Consider this affordable home site in Alto Boquete for your new Panama home.
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Beautiful House Site For Sale in Boquete, Panama - Lemon Grove

Boquete List Price: $53,000

Lot Size: 3366 Sq.M

0.83 Acres

This beautiful house site is located in a lovely area of Jaramillo just 5 miles from the center of downtown Boquete.
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Great Lot! - Finca Vista Pacifico - Beautiful and Large View Lot Very Near Lucero 18 hole Golf Course

Boquete List Price: $53,000

Lot Size: 3,000 Sq.M

0.74 Acres

Breathtaking views and a large flat area ideal for your dream custom dream home are here at this lot for sale.
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Beautiful View Lot for Your New Home in Boquete, Panama

Boquete List Price: $54,900

Lot Size: 2176 Sq.M

0.54 Acres

Absorb the enormity of the tremendous southern view that reaches all the way past the farms and ranches of the Chiriqui foothills to the islands and blue waters of the Pacific
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Two Adjacent Lots for Sale in Potrerillos, Panama on Main Road near Boquete

Boquete List Price: $59,500

Lot Size: 2,520 Sq.M

0.62 Acres

Now available are these two lots right on the road between Boquete and Volcan in a developing area of Potrerillos.
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Super Lot for Sale in Boquete Canyon Village

Boquete List Price: $59,900

Lot Size: 1500 Sq.M

0.37 Acres

This is the lowest priced lot for sale in the popular and growing Boquete Canyon Village residential development and it is a Super one.
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Palmira Abajo - Nearly 3 acres with a Stream & Small Simple Structure with Running Water & Bathroom

Boquete List Price: $60,000

Lot Size: 11,891.84 Sq.M

2.94 Acres

Bedrooms: 2     Bathrooms: 1

This property is very pretty. It is a lush nearly 3 acres in the Palmira area of Boquete.
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Near Volcan Stream Property

Volcan List Price: $60,000

Lot Size: 13700 Sq.M

3.40 Acres

Own over 3 acres near Volcan Panama, a lush hillside property with plateaus providing likely building sites.
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Boquete Lot for Sale with Incredible Views of River Canyon and Mountains

Boquete List Price: $60,500

Lot Size: 1,100 Sq.M

0.27 Acres

An awe-inspiring canyon view blesses this lot.
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2.47 acres with Year-round Stream in Potrerillos

Boquete List Price: $65,000

Lot Size: 10,000 Sq.M

2.50 Acres

This Titled property is close to the Boquete side of Potrerillos, just 1.3 kilometers (about 1 mile) from the Ruta Sur and only .6 kilometers (less than ½ mile) on a flat easy-to-drive gravel road from the paved road. Homes are nearby, but the property is large enough for privacy. Water and electricity are along the edge of the finca and the property is blessed by a year-round stream along one border.
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Lot for Sale with Fruit Trees in Potrerillos Close to Boquete, Panama

Boquete List Price: $65,000

Lot Size: 1524 Sq.M

0.38 Acres

This luscious lot for sale is located right on a paved road.  It is in the small Villa Venus subdivision in a convenient Potrerillos Dolega location.
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