Frequently Asked Questions About Panama

What Should I Expect in a Panama Real Estate Transaction?

This very good article from succinctly explains what to expect when you proceed with a Panama property purchase. It refers to six hazards, but really outlines six characteristics of the typical transaction that are very useful to know. We are impressed by and would agree with most of the article with some caveats. The Read More

What is the process to buy real estate in Panama?

The real estate sales process in Panama typically involves the following steps – not much different than in many other countries: 1. Select Your Real Estate Agency and Type of Listing Agreement 2. Activate the Listing Agreement and Select Appropriate Market Price 3. Market and Prepare Your Property for Sale 4. Show the Property to Read More

Do you really not need heating or air conditioning in Boquete?

It is said that there is no heating or air conditioning needed if you live in Boquete.  The reality is that this is mostly true and it greatly reduces the cost of maintaining a home.   However, the full answer is dependent on which microclimate in Boquete you live in and primarily at what altitude. Boquete’s Read More

Can I get a loan to buy property in Panama?

The reality is that most foreigners who buy in Panama buy without a loan or financing.  Those with the means to purchase property without a loan are in a better position to get the best pricing and terms as well as to complete a transaction quickly.  However, bank loans or owner financing are viable alternatives Read More