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Price Reduction! Centrally Located Apartment for Sale in El Cangrejo, Panama City, Panama - Great City Views

Panama City List Price: $265,000

House Size: 1819.1 Sq.Ft

169.00 Sq.M

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 3.5

Bright and spacious, 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, this apartment for sale is centrally located in the bustling area of El Cangrejo, Panama City.
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3-Bedroom Mountain Houses with Enhanced Interiors for Sale in New Residential Development, Alto Boquete, Chiriqui - Pre-Construction

Boquete List Price: $240,000

House Size: 1940 Sq.Ft

180.23 Sq.M

Lot Size: 600 Sq.M

0.15 Acres

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 2

The houses are located within a quick 10-minute drive from downtown Boquete and all it's wonderful amenities.
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Spacious Traditional Beach House for Sale in Puerto Armuelles, Chiriqui

Pacific Beaches Chiriqui List Price: $200,000

House Size: 3455 Sq.Ft

321.00 Sq.M

Lot Size: 8127 Sq.M

2.01 Acres

Bedrooms: 4     Bathrooms: 3

This spacious traditional house sits on over 2 acres of land and just within a 3-minute drive from Puerto Armuelles downtown.
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Price Reduction! Walk to the Beach! Four Bedroom House for Sale, Puerto Armuelles, Chiriqui

Pacific Beaches Chiriqui List Price: $165,000   Price Furnished:$165,000

House Size: 2820 Sq.Ft

262.00 Sq.M

Lot Size: 1056 Sq.M

0.26 Acres

Bedrooms: 4     Bathrooms: 3

Walk to the Beach!  The house is in a group of 3 houses close to the beach that share a nice Japanese water garden and a small swimming pool.
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Special Offer! Rural House for Sale or Rent Near David in San Carlos, Chiriqui - Casa Rural en Venta Cerca de David en San Carlos, Chiriquí

David List Price: $157,000

House Size: 1259 Sq.Ft

117.00 Sq.M

Lot Size: 3000 Sq.M

0.74 Acres

This is a lovely 3 bedrooms and 2 bathroom house for sale located just 20 minutes from David, Chiriqui, in the township of San Carlos.
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House for Sale on 5,000 square meters in Santa Rita Elespino, Santa Cruz, Panama - Casa en Venta de 5,000 metros cuadrados en Santa Rita El Espino, Santa Cruz, Panamá

Panama City List Price: $125,000

House Size: 1100 Sq.Ft

102.19 Sq.M

Lot Size: 5000 Sq.M

1.24 Acres

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 1

Affordable Panama lifestyle happiness can be yours in this pleasant house on a pretty 1.24 acre lot in the Santa Cruz area of Panama. ... La felicidad asequible en el estilo de vida de Panamá puede ser tuya en esta agradable casa en un hermoso lote de 1.24 acres en el área de Santa Cruz de Panamá.
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Enormous Estate with Superior Residence or Hotel on 50 Hectares with Landing Strip, Boating Facilities, Bamboo Farm & Estuary Access in Chiriqui Province, Panama

Pacific Beaches Chiriqui List Price: $3,625,000

House Size: 9300 Sq.Ft

864.00 Sq.M

Lot Size: 500000 Sq.M

123.55 Acres

Bedrooms: 7     Bathrooms: 7

Esta enorme finca ofrece una residencia superior con una extensa finca y un estuario en la provincia más hermosa de Panamá. ... This enormous estate offers a superior residence with a sprawling farm and estuary property in the most beautiful province of all Panama.
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Impressive Estate House with Indoor Swimming Pool - Impresionante Casa con Piscina Cubierta

Boquete List Price: $1,200,000

Lot Size: 6000 Sq.M

1.48 Acres

Bedrooms: 5     Bathrooms: 4

The interior of the home provides the feeling of being in an alpine resort. It provides ample opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the gorgeous surroundings.
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Lakefront Retreat Home on Nearly 5 Acres in Boquete with Horse Stables for Sale - Owner Financing Available

Boquete List Price: $490,000

House Size: 2,787 Sq.Ft

259.00 Sq.M

Lot Size: 9,155 Sq.M

2.26 Acres

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 2

Lakefront. Just across the driveway from this large home is a lake providing a wonderful setting for your new home. This three bedroom home has tremendous potential and nearly 5 acres of beautiful terrain.
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Spacious and Centrally Located Condo in Coco del Mar, Panama City

Panama City List Price: $325,000

House Size: 1937 Sq.Ft

180.00 Sq.M

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 4.5

This 3 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom condo is now available for sale in one of the most popular areas in Panama City, Coco del Mar.
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Amazingly Well-Kept Historical Chiquita Banana Home For Sale in Puerto Armuelles, Chiriqui

Pacific Beaches Chiriqui List Price: $300,000

House Size: 1934 Sq.Ft

179.00 Sq.M

Lot Size: 11,900 Sq.M

2.94 Acres

Bedrooms: 4     Bathrooms: 3

This charming home from the Chiquita Banana times has been amazingly well-kept to retain its authentic charm and is located just 1 mile from downtown Puerto Armuelles, Chiriqui.
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Beachfront House Plus 2 Apartments for for Sale in Puerto Armuelles, Chiriqui Province

Pacific Beaches Chiriqui List Price: $250,000

House Size: 1636 Sq.Ft

152.00 Sq.M

Lot Size: 2653 Sq.M

0.66 Acres

Bedrooms: 4     Bathrooms: 4

This beachfront house with two guest apartments is on more than a half acre (.66 acres) and is located in Puerto Armuelles, Chiriqui Province.
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8 Beautiful Acres with Spacious Cabana, Guest Rooms, Stream, and Springs For Sale in Bugaba, Chiriqui Province

David List Price: $199,000

House Size: 2421 Sq.Ft

225.00 Sq.M

Lot Size: 32634 Sq.M

8.06 Acres

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 2

This lovely property is located in Bugaba, Chiriqui, and within a 40 minute drive from downtown David.
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Price Reduction! Coastal-Style Beach Area Home For Sale near Puerto Armuelles, Chiriqui

Pacific Beaches Chiriqui List Price: $194,000   Price Furnished:$194,000

House Size: 3524 Sq.Ft

327.00 Sq.M

Lot Size: 1131 Sq.M

0.28 Acres

Bedrooms: 4     Bathrooms: 3.5

This large Coastal-style home is now available for sale in the Puerto Armuelles beach area. 
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UBoat Lovers' House for Sale with Access to the Pacific Ocean in Pedregal David - Furnishings Included - Casa de Amantes de Botes en Venta con Acceso al Océano Pacífico en Pedregal David – Mobiliario Incluido

David List Price: $115,000   Price Furnished:$115,000

House Size: 1920 Sq.Ft

178.37 Sq.M

Lot Size: 846 Sq.M

0.21 Acres

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 3

This home is in David on the estuary leading to the Pacific Ocean.  It is just minutes to fabulous islands and fishing grounds. ... Esta casa está en David en el estuario que conduce al Océano Pacífico.
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Centrally Located & Affordable Condo For Sale in Hato Pintado, Panama City, Panama - Furnished

Panama City List Price: $100,000   Price Furnished:$100,000

House Size: 742 Sq.Ft

69.00 Sq.M

Bedrooms: 2     Bathrooms: 2

This affordable ground-floor condo in Panama City is located in Hato Pintado next to the Vía 12 de Octubre and Vía España.
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Rincon Beach Estates, San Lorenzo, Boca Chica Impressive Property of Nearly 300 Acres with Multiple Homes for Sale

Pacific Beaches Chiriqui List Price: $3,500,000

House Size: 15225 Sq.Ft

1,414.45 Sq.M

Lot Size: 1161902 Sq.M

287.11 Acres

Bedrooms: 10     Bathrooms: 12

This property for sale of nearly 300 acres with multiple homes is located in San Lorenzo, Boca Chica has beautiful views to the mountain and oceans.
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Magnificent Ranch-style Entertainment Center in Boqueron - Magnífico Centro de Entretenimiento de Estilo Rancho en Boqueron

David List Price: $600,000

Lot Size: 10,000 Sq.M

2.47 Acres

5BD, 2 baths two-story building in a private and beautiful natural setting with fruit trees where your guests will enjoy the genuine feeling of being in a countryside home. Fully furnished and ready for all kinds of social events. With 2 pools, soccer field, basketball court, BBQ poolside area, and a typical ranch-style building with room for 120 people. Great finishes throughout the house, with fine woods. Beautiful views to the Boquete mountains.
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House, Apartment & Three Boquete Panama Businesses, All Rolled Up Into One Sale

Boquete List Price: $545,000

House Size: 10250 Sq.Ft

952.26 Sq.M

Lot Size: 1025 Sq.M

0.25 Acres

Bedrooms: 6     Bathrooms: 4

This property is ideal if you are seeking a home and income producing business in Panama for sale.
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Breathtaking View and Expansive Lodge on Prime Hectare in Volcancito Boquete - Vista Impresionante y Alojamiento Expansivo en Hectárea Principal

Boquete List Price: $499,000

House Size: 4,542 Sq.Ft

421.97 Sq.M

Lot Size: 10,800 Sq.M

2.67 Acres

Bedrooms: 5     Bathrooms: 2.5

Enter the grounds through towering pine trees which open up to the home and magnificent views. There is also a perfect breath-taking view site near the house ripe for a new home.
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Retreat Property - Almost 11 Hectares With a Cozy Mountain House & River For Sale in Volcan, Chiriqui

Volcan List Price: $440,000

House Size: 1076 Sq.Ft

100.00 Sq.M

Lot Size: 109732 Sq.M

27.12 Acres

Bedrooms: 2     Bathrooms: 2

Located in Volcan, Chiriqui, is this large and luscious mountain property with a cozy retreat home and a river.
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House for Sale in Penonome, Panama

Pacific Beaches near Panama City List Price: $410,000

House Size: 3110 Sq.Ft

288.93 Sq.M

Lot Size: 864 Sq.M

0.21 Acres

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 3

This fantastic house in Penonome, Panama is now for sale.
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Agricultural Farm or New Estate Home Site for Sale in Palmira Arriba, Boquete, Chiriqui

Boquete List Price: $400,600

House Size: 225 Sq.Ft

21.00 Sq.M

Lot Size: 10015 Sq.M

2.47 Acres

Bedrooms: 2     Bathrooms: 1

This pretty farmland for sale is located in a quiet area of Palmira Arriba, Boquete, Panama.
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Modern 4 Bedroom Boca Brava, Panama Island Villa for Sale Furnished - Shares a Pool, 2 Docks & Social Area - Owner Financing!

Pacific Beaches Chiriqui List Price: $385,000

House Size: 2000 Sq.Ft

185.81 Sq.M

Lot Size: 1766 Sq.M

0.44 Acres

Bedrooms: 4     Bathrooms: 5

Enjoy your modern tropical lifestyle in this high quality house for sale in Boca Brava, Boca Chica, Panama with an ocean view.
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Beach Eco Hostal or House for Sale in Beautiful Las Lajas, Panama - Playa Eco Hostal o Casa en Venta en la Hermosa Las Lajas, Panamá

Pacific Beaches Chiriqui List Price: $260,000

House Size: 4200 Sq.Ft

390.19 Sq.M

Lot Size: 1,418.40 Sq.M

0.35 Acres

Bedrooms: 6     Bathrooms: 6

Right at the end of a paved road in beautiful Las Lajas, Chiriqui Panama is this six bedroom revenue producing eco hostal for sale. ... Justo al final de una carretera pavimentada en la hermosa Las Lajas, Chiriquí Panamá se encuentra a la venta este hostal ecológico de seis habitaciones que produce ingresos.
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