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Great Price! Country House on Nearly 5.5 Acres of Land for Sale in Sortova, Chiriqui

All List Price: $160,000

Lot Size: 22178 Sq.M

5.48 Acres

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 1

This house for sale sits on nearly 5.5 acres of land which makes it perfect for animals like goats, geese, chicken, and horses.
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3,000 sq m Commercial Gem in Alto Boquete Right On Highway in Prime Location - Gema Comercial de 3.000 Metros Cuadrados en Alto Boquete

Boquete List Price: $420,000

Lot Size: 3000 Sq.M

0.74 Acres

Bedrooms: 4     Bathrooms: 4

Located alongside the main road to Boquete in Alto Boquete, this property is on a sweet spot, right in front of Brisas Boqueteñas. ... Ubicada a lo largo de la carretera principal a Boquete en Alto Boquete, esta propiedad se encuentra en un lugar privilegiado, justo en frente del desarrollo de viviendas Brisas Boqueteñas.
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Close to the Beach Ground-Floor Condo with Private Backyard For Sale in Bijao, Panama

Pacific Beaches near Panama City List Price: $378,000   Price Furnished:$378,000

House Size: 1302 Sq.Ft

121.00 Sq.M

Lot Size: 199 Sq.M

0.05 Acres

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 2

On a sprawling Panama beach along the serene Pacific Ocean, Sheraton Bijao Beach Resort - An All-Inclusive Resort & Private Community with everything you could want for total relaxation.
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Income Generating Multi-Unit Property for Sale in Alto Boquete

Boquete List Price: $376,000

House Size: 4180 Sq.Ft

388.33 Sq.M

Lot Size: 703 Sq.M

0.17 Acres

Bedrooms: 7     Bathrooms: 7.5

Want to purchase property in Boquete, Panama yet seeking income generation?
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Lovely 3 Bedroom Home for Sale in Boquete, Panama - Hermosa Casa de 3 Dormitorios en Venta en Boquete, Panamá 

Boquete List Price: $350,000

House Size: 2520 Sq.Ft

234.12 Sq.M

Lot Size: 1500 Sq.M

0.37 Acres

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 2

The house which is already under construction has an open floor plan, kitchen with pantry, spacious living and dining room with high ceilings, circular driveway, and a two-car car port.
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Tropical Residence With Guest House & Swimming Pool For Sale Near David, Chiriqui

David List Price: $275,000

House Size: 800 Sq.Ft

74.32 Sq.M

Lot Size: 3002 Sq.M

0.74 Acres

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 4

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House with Swimming Pool for Sale in David, Panama Near Chiriquí Mall

David List Price: $270,000

House Size: 1976 Sq.Ft

183.58 Sq.M

Lot Size: 675 Sq.M

0.17 Acres

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 2.5

This nice house with a swimming pool is for sale in David Panama is in an excellent neighborhood, near schools, a shopping center, and a movie theater.
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A House Plus 5 Hectares of Relatively Flat Land in Boqueron, Chiriqui, Panama - Want More Land? 10 Hectares Also Available

Volcan List Price: $249,000

House Size: 1400 Sq.Ft

130.06 Sq.M

Lot Size: 50000 Sq.M

12.36 Acres

Bedrooms: 2     Bathrooms: 1

This is a large parcel of land with an existing house for sale in Boqueron, Panama.
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House Plus Rental Apartment for Sale on a Main Road in David, Chiriqui

David List Price: $180,000

House Size: 1797 Sq.Ft

167.00 Sq.M

Lot Size: 960 Sq.M

0.24 Acres

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 2

This property is now available for sale on the main road towards Querevalos, Chiriqui. 
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Contract Pending - 3 Bedroom House Plus Guest House for Sale in Boquete Panama - Partially Furnished - Casa de 3 Dormitorios más Casa de Huéspedes en Venta en Boquete Panamá - Parcialmente Amueblada

Boquete List Price: $162,000   Price Furnished:$162,000

House Size: 1730 Sq.Ft

160.72 Sq.M

Lot Size: 450 Sq.M

0.11 Acres

Bedrooms: 4     Bathrooms: 3

This conveniently located house and guest house for sale in Boquete are easily accessible to downtown, Boquete with a five minute drive. ... Esta casa y casa de huéspedes convenientemente ubicada en venta en Boquete son fácilmente accesibles al centro de Boquete con cinco minutos en auto.
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House with Small Grocery Store for Sale Next to Puerto Armuelles, Chiriqui - Close to the Beach

Pacific Beaches Chiriqui List Price: $105,000

House Size: 1987 Sq.Ft

184.50 Sq.M

Lot Size: 414.71 Sq.M

0.10 Acres

Bedrooms: 4     Bathrooms: 2

This property for sale is located right next to Puerto Armuelles in Corazon de Jesus, and just a block away from the beach.
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Villa of the Hotel with Private Swimming Pool in Buenaventura, Panama for sale - Furnishings Included

Pacific Beaches near Panama City List Price: $1,100,000   Price Furnished:$1,100,000

House Size: 4310 Sq.Ft

400.41 Sq.M

Bedrooms: 4     Bathrooms: 5.5

This 4 bedroom hotel villa for sale is located in beautiful Buenaventura, Panama. 
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Mountain Estate Home on 1.5 acres in Volcancito - Finca de montaña Casa en 1,5 acres en Volcancito

Boquete List Price: $900,000   Price Furnished:$900,000

House Size: 4035 Sq.Ft

374.86 Sq.M

Lot Size: 6,000 Sq.M

1.48 Acres

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 3.5

A one of a kind house, full of personal touches, yet elegant and practical. Just 10 minutes away from downtown Boquete.
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Lucero Boquete House for Sale - Available on Multiple Lots - Lucero Boquete Casa en Venta - Disponible en Varios Lotes

Boquete List Price: $787,000

House Size: 2875 Sq.Ft

267.10 Sq.M

Lot Size: 4193 Sq.M

1.04 Acres

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 3.5

This beautiful one-story Mediterranean-style single-family home features an exceptional open-concept design.
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House Plus Guest House on Panama Island for Sale with over 5 Acres in the Boca Chica Area

Pacific Beaches Chiriqui List Price: $700,000

House Size: 2900 Sq.Ft

269.42 Sq.M

Lot Size: 21000 Sq.M

5.19 Acres

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 2

The property enjoys a great view and proximity to a marine park.
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Large 4 Bedroom House for Sale in David Panama - Gran Casa de 4 Dormitorios en Venta en David Panamá

David List Price: $675,000

House Size: 6690 Sq.Ft

621.52 Sq.M

Lot Size: 1500 Sq.M

0.37 Acres

Bedrooms: 4     Bathrooms: 7

Looking for a very large house in a nice area of David, Panama? This could be it. ... ¿Busca una casa muy grande en una bonita zona de David, Panamá? Podría ser esto.
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Under Contract - Valle Escondido Four Bedroom Villa Deluxe for Sale in Boquete, Panama - A Great Home, Furnishings Included - Villa en Venta, Valle Escondido

Boquete List Price: $329,900   Price Furnished:$329,900

House Size: 2800 Sq.Ft

260.13 Sq.M

Lot Size: 338 Sq.M

0.08 Acres

Bedrooms: 4     Bathrooms: 2

In highly desirable Valle Escondido, Boquete's most amenity-rich residential communities is this lovely four bedroom, two bath townhouse villa. Of special note is this villa's incredible Valle view from the terrace.
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Centrally Located House for Sale in David, Chiriqui, Panama

David List Price: $320,000

House Size: 2912.3 Sq.Ft

270.60 Sq.M

Lot Size: 966 Sq.M

0.24 Acres

Bedrooms: 4     Bathrooms: 3

This house is located right in the heart of David, Chiriqui, and next to a paved road within close proximity to schools, transportation, eateries, and all of David's amenities.
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Volcan Panama Mountain Home plus Apartment

Volcan List Price: $289,000

House Size: 2852 Sq.Ft

264.96 Sq.M

Lot Size: 750 Sq.M

0.19 Acres

Bedrooms: 2     Bathrooms: 2

The live-in-style Panama mountain home experience is yours. Close to the center of Volcan.
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Brand New Home just above David, Panama for Sale - Larger Model Now Offered

David List Price: $220,000

House Size: 3890 Sq.Ft

361.39 Sq.M

Lot Size: 1000 Sq.M

0.25 Acres

Bedrooms: 4     Bathrooms: 3

This quality house is located just above David in a pleasant climate area.
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Quality House for Sale in Nice Residential Development in David, Panama - Casa de Calidad en Venta en Bonito Desarrollo Residencial en David, Panamá 

David List Price: $186,000

House Size: 1850 Sq.Ft

171.87 Sq.M

Lot Size: 628 Sq.M

0.16 Acres

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 2.5

Just 3 minutes to USMA in David, Panama, this very nice house for sale is in a well established residential community.
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7-Bedroom Apartment Complex for Sale in Burunga, Arraijan, West Panama

Panama City List Price: $140,000

House Size: 2723 Sq.Ft

253.00 Sq.M

Lot Size: 504 Sq.M

0.12 Acres

Bedrooms: 7     Bathrooms: 4

This 2-story apartment building is now for sale in Burunga, Arraijan. Burunga is located within a 25-minute drive from Panama City or 45-minutes during rush hours.
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Only 40 Feet from the Beach in Puerto Armuelles, Chiriqui, Panama House for Sale

Pacific Beaches Chiriqui List Price: $75,000   Price Furnished:$75,000

House Size: 855 Sq.Ft

79.00 Sq.M

Lot Size: 600 Sq.M

0.15 Acres

Bedrooms: 2     Bathrooms: 2

This house sits on a 600m2 lot only 40ft from the beach in Puerto Armuelles, Chiriqui.
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New Sweden Barn Home in Volcan - Casa Estilo Granero en Nueva Suiza, Volcán 

Volcan List Price: $565,000

House Size: 1600 Sq.Ft

148.64 Sq.M

Lot Size: 19000 Sq.M

4.70 Acres

Bedrooms: 1     Bathrooms: 2

A very special property in Volcan. This barn style home in an idyllic setting is on a beautiful nearly 5 acre property. The finca is well-landscaped, flat with a year round stream that winds through the property. Fruit trees. In addition to the home, there is a bodega with a full bath. The property is conveniently located as it is bordered by the main road to Cerro Punta.
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