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Super House! Great Price! Santa Lucia Model House in Boquete Canyon Village - Furnished - Casa Modelo Santa Lucia en Boquete Canyon Village - En Venta

Boquete List Price: $249,000   Price Furnished:$249,000

House Size: 2950 Sq.Ft

274.06 Sq.M

Lot Size: 1500 Sq.M

0.37 Acres

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 2.5

This is a beautiful home for sale in lovely Boquete Canyon Village. *** Esta es una hermosa casa a la venta en el precioso Boquete Canyon Village.
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Leased - Three Separate Downtown Boquete Houses for Rent - High Demand Houses

House Size: 1300 Sq.Ft

120.77 Sq.M

Lot Size: 300 Sq.M

0.07 Acres

Bedrooms: 2     Bathrooms: 2

Close to Valle Escondido and just a few blocks from Avenida Central and Boquete's Central Park. A convenient rental house in Boquete.
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Leased - Large Boquete House in a Great Neighborhood For Rent with your own Tropical Forest

House Size: 3660 Sq.Ft

340.03 Sq.M

Lot Size: 1433 Sq.M

0.35 Acres

Bedrooms: 4     Bathrooms: 3.5

This large beautiful house is in Alto Dorado, a great neighborhood with an ideal microclimate location. This house is great for a family or if you have use for lots of rooms.
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Leased - Affordable Furnished Casita for Rent in Santa Lucia, Boquete, Panama

House Size: 500 Sq.Ft

46.45 Sq.M

Bedrooms: 1     Bathrooms: 1

This is a furnished house for rent in Volcancito, Boquete, Panama.
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Leased - Furnished House for Rent on 1/2 Acre Lot in Volcancito, Boquete, Panama

House Size: 1600 Sq.Ft

148.64 Sq.M

Lot Size: 2000 Sq.M

0.49 Acres

Bedrooms: 2     Bathrooms: 2

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Leased - Very Nice House for Rent in Caldera, Boquete - Furnished

House Size: 1340 Sq.Ft

124.49 Sq.M

Lot Size: 1526 Sq.M

0.38 Acres

Bedrooms: 2     Bathrooms: 2

This is a very nice two bedroom, two bath house on one level for rent in the Caldera area of Boquete.
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Unique House in Downtown Boquete for Rent, Se Aquila - Leased

House Size: 3465 Sq.Ft

321.91 Sq.M

Lot Size: 1100 Sq.M

0.27 Acres

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 3

A truly unique home nestled in Downtown Boquete just one block off of Main Street with views of the surrounding mountains, huge covered patio and many lovely gardens, fully furnished with all the comforts of home. Step into the living room with easy access to the old world style modern kitchen adorned as is the house with rare petrified wood stonework.
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Cute cabin for rent in Alto Boquete - Currently Leased

Bedrooms: 2     Bathrooms: 1

This unique and cozy, two bedroom, one bathroom home is located in a very quiet neighborhood in Alto Dorado, Alto Boquete, with mountain views. This furnished house has an ample and roomy living room with an open kitchen area and shiny hardwood floors in the second floor. Enjoy the grassy yard, a rose garden and tall pine trees that provide relaxing privacy. A wonderful and affordable home from which to experience Boquete only seven minutes from downtown.
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Leased - Canyon Home with Tremendous View in Alto Boquete

House Size: 3013 Sq.Ft

279.92 Sq.M

Lot Size: 874 Sq.M

0.22 Acres

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 3

This modern style canyon view home has three bedrooms and three baths. It is a large two story home, boasting a sleek design to take advantage of the immense views of the canyon and Panama's tallest peak just on the other side.
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Valle Escondido Boca Rio Spacious Ground Floor Condo for Rent in Boquete - Furnished - Currently Leased

House Size: 2100 Sq.Ft

195.10 Sq.M

Bedrooms: 2     Bathrooms: 2

Enjoy your easy lifestyle in the most amenity-rich gated community in Boquete. This first floor condominium has a lot of room and a lovely intimate setting from the terrace.
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House for Rent in Santa Lucia, Boquete - Currently Leased

This is a nice house for rent in the very desirable neighborhood of Santa Lucia.
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Leased through November 2019 - Eco Friendly Quality House for Rent in Boquete, Panama

House Size: 1500 Sq.Ft

139.35 Sq.M

Lot Size: 1806 Sq.M

0.45 Acres

Bedrooms: 2     Bathrooms: 2

This unique house for rent in Boquete Panama is made from ecologically sensitive materials and in a high quality manner.
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Leased "Casi Cielo" Home + Apartment in Jaramillo Centro, Boquete - furnished

House Size: 1560 Sq.Ft

144.93 Sq.M

Lot Size: 1327 Sq.M

0.33 Acres

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 3

"Casi cielo" means "Almost Heaven", as this house will fill your life with grateful experiences; enjoy the gorgeous views of the Volcano and the ocean from the various terraces and outdoor areas.
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House for rent in Alto Boquete (pet friendly) - Furnished

Enjoy this lovely 3 bedroom,1 and a half bath home with Baru views. Also has a small studio/guest house included that could be used as another bedroom or office.
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Leased - We Love This Downtown Rental Option - Convenient Condo for Rent on Main Street Boquete - On Quieter Back Side of Building - Furnished

House Size: 1477.34 Sq.Ft

137.25 Sq.M

Bedrooms: 2     Bathrooms: 2

This two bedroom, two bath recently built condominium is located in the center of downtown Boquete. The windows and large balcony face the Jaramillo hills providing lovely views. This is the most centrally located condo building in Boquete.
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Leased - Boquete Lifestyle House for Rent in Volcancito

House Size: 4000 Sq.Ft

371.61 Sq.M

Lot Size: 2284 Sq.M

0.56 Acres

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 3

A very nice and large rental house in Volcancito, Boquete just a 5 minute drive to downtown. The house has a large yard - over an acre.
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Leased - Nice house in Alto Boquete for rent - unfurnished - Pet Friendly

House Size: 1080 Sq.Ft

100.34 Sq.M

Lot Size: 665 Sq.M

0.16 Acres

Bedrooms: 2     Bathrooms: 1

This is a nice, affordably priced house for rent in Alto Boquete. Fenced and pet-friendly. Does not include appliances or furnishings. Is like to rent quickly.
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New House for Rent in Boquete, Panama - Pet Friendly - Currently Leased

House Size: 2250 Sq.Ft

209.03 Sq.M

Lot Size: 800 Sq.M

0.20 Acres

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 2

Enjoy this nice new house in your new life in Boquete, Panama.
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House for Rent in Santa Lucia, Boquete, Panama - Currently Leased

House Size: 2150 Sq.Ft

199.74 Sq.M

Lot Size: 700 Sq.M

0.17 Acres

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 2

It can be challenging to find a house for rent in desirable Santa Lucia, Boquete. This one has three bedrooms, two baths and plenty of space.
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Leased - Casa Se Aquila For Rent en Alto Dorado, Boquete

House Size: 1000 Sq.Ft

92.90 Sq.M

Lot Size: 1000 Sq.M

0.25 Acres

Bedrooms: 2     Bathrooms: 1

This house is very nice with a pretty grass yard.
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Leased - Excellent House for Rent in Gated Community, Boquete Panama - Furnished

House Size: 2750 Sq.Ft

255.48 Sq.M

Lot Size: 1508 Sq.M

0.37 Acres

Bedrooms: 2     Bathrooms: 3

This is an excellent furnished house for rent in a gated community in Boquete.
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Leased - Casa Para Aquilar – House for Rent in Las Perlas, David, Panama

House Size: 2855 Sq.Ft

265.24 Sq.M

Lot Size: 600 Sq.M

0.15 Acres

Bedrooms: 4     Bathrooms: 4.5

This is a beautiful modern style house for rent in exclusive and desirable Las Perlas, David, Panama.
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Leased - House in Boquete, Panama - Fully Furnished - Amueblado

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 2

This house for rent is conveniently located in Volcancito, Boquete close to town.
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Leased - Pretty Boquete House for Rent

House Size: 1830 Sq.Ft

170.01 Sq.M

Lot Size: 600 Sq.M

0.15 Acres

Bedrooms: 3     Bathrooms: 2

This new house for rent in Alto Boquete, Panama is now available.
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