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A Friendly Look at the new President of Panama – Georgia Tech Grad


Curious about what Juan Carlos Varela is like? This short video of his recent visit to Georgia where he visited the CDC reveals a sociable side of our new Presidente. It also highlights the connections between Panama and the United States. President Varela is a graduate of and advisor to Georgia Tech. Of note is that while his education as an engineer is highlighted in the video, President Varela is primarily a successful entrepreneur.

Panama has had many cultural influences. Its role as the crossroads of the Americas has brought together so many different kinds of people and the result has been fortunate.   Panama is well-known as a tolerant, highly multicultural society.

And the U.S. connections run very deep here. The Canal brought countless Americans, U.S. cultural influences and U. S. connections to the isthmus. As a result, those who had the means often went to the United States for University, college or even boarding school.   Many Panamanians either have U.S. citizenship or have family members who do.

Video of President Juan Carlos Varela at Georgia Tech

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