2.6 Hectares for Sale Next to Portobelo River next to the Cambutal Area

List Price: $75,000
Lot Size : 26,822 Sq.M

6.63 Acres

Location: Cambutal, All, Los Santos, Panama

This riverside property is located in the Portobelo area and within a 40-minute drive from Cambutal, Los Santos Province.

This property is mainly used for cattle farming.  However, it has many fruit trees like coconut palms, many mango trees, soursop, avocado trees, piba, Asian rambutan or “mamón,” tamarind, orange, limes, and guava.

This property is on the way to one of the most scenic and popular waterfall sights in the area, “El Charco del Diablo”.

This area is accessible year-round with a proper 4×4.  One crosses several rivers to get to this property, including going up the Portobelo River (officially Pedregal River).  Nonetheless, the property is beautiful and surrounded by lush nature and landscapes.

The ideal buyer for this property would be someone who would really wants to immerse in nature with absolutely all the serenity in the world.

What we love about the property

  • Lush nature and landscape
  • Soothing river sounds
  • Road is well kept during summer
  • Many fruit trees
  • The land is noticeably higher than river’s flowing water

Please contact Casa Solution if you have any questions or would like to visit this 2.6 Hectares for Sale Next to Portobelo River next to the Cambutal Area.