Beachfront Lots For Sale In the Up and Coming Beach Area of Cambutal, Los Santos, Panama

List Price: $45,000
Lot Size : 1,000 Sq.M

0.25 Acres

Location: Cambutal, All, Los Santos, Panama

Take a look at these excellent beachfront lots in an upcoming area in Cambutal, Los Santos. This is a 55 hectare property which is being segregated into smaller lots.

Most of the beachfront properties before getting to this farm have been sold to expats.  There are already two beach-houses built on this strip and a few more to come soon.

There is no water and electricity yet, however, Cambutal’s main waterline comes from this farm so getting water to these lots is expected to happen soon.

The access to this property is fine except for one river that can get heavy at peak flow during heavy rainy season (at most 2 weeks out of the year). It wouldn’t be problem for a good 4×4 but it’s something to bear in mind. Other than that, the municipal road workers are usually maintaining this road.

The beachfront lots start at around $45/m2 for a minimum of 1,000 square meters. Want 3,000 square meters? No problem! The seller will divide your desired lot accordingly. Lots on the other side of the beachfront start at $40/m2.

Other beachfront lots before getting to this farm are being sold for more than $60/m2.

The land is located in “La Cuchilla” and within a 4-minute drive from the main road.  The property is located on a well-kept dirt road.

The lots are Rights of Possession (ROP).  The first 7 beach lots have already been sold.

Lastly, and worth mentioning, there are both sunset and sunrise views from these beachfront lots!

Please contact Casa Solution if you have any questions or would like to visit this Beachfront Lots For Sale In Upcoming Area of Cambutal, Los Santos.