Beautiful Countryside Property in Bongo, Bugaba

List Price: $35,000
Lot Size : 10,000 Sq.M

2.47 Acres

Location: Bugaba, Volcan, Chiriqui, Panama
Property Features: River or Stream Along Border
A Very Special Feature: A stream on a beautiful rural road

In the hills toward Volcan, a stream and home site.  Not far from the town of Volcan, at a lower and slightly warmer elevation, is this 1 hectare beautiful countryside property.

The land has a long road frontage with the potential for dividing into multiple sites. A stream runs along the back border of the property.

The land is gentle providing a broad location for creation, gardening, a small farm or a quiet home. The access road is wide and gravel. It leads directly to the main road that links Volcan and the Pan American highway.