Playa San Blas – Pristine Caribbean Oceanfront Real Estate for Sale Next to San Blas Archipielago, Colon Province

List Price: $5,800,000
Lot Size : 139,295 Sq.M

34.42 Acres

Location: San Blas, All, Colon, Panama

Playa San Blas is the perfect beachfront property for high-end hotel and resort developers who are looking for new first-class tourism destinations in Central America or the Caribbean.

Playa San Blas is located on the Caribbean coast of Panama next to the popular tourism hot spot in San Blas – it’s an incredibly beautiful, fully-titled property with over one kilometer of stunning gold sandy beachfront overlooking the crystal clear, turquoise Caribbean Sea.

The property consists of nearly 14 hectares (34 acres) of stunning Caribbean seaside land with over 800 meters (2,650 feet) of golden sand beach frontage.

The site is plush with tropical flora and fauna, consisting of soft rolling hills with mostly coconut palms, fruit trees and lush virgin rainforest.  The tree line opens to unveil two large pristine beaches, divided by a small rocky outcrop. The beach is sheltered by an impressive rocky ridge at one end, where you can enjoy breathtaking views and see the islands of San Blas.  The unique regional microclimate offers ideal weather conditions and provides about 50% more sun hours than other areas on the Caribbean coast of Panama.


Road Access

Thanks to the construction of a new road, Playa San Blas has recently become accessible by car in a 3.5-hour drive from Panama City and a 2-hour drive from the famous historical village of Portobelo.

Airport El Porvenir

From Playa San Blas it is only a 20-minute boat drive to the closest airport on the island of El Povenir in San Blas, where daily flights are scheduled to Panama City.

Port of Carti

From the port of Cartí it is only a 40- minute boat ride to Playa San Blas.  Cartí is the main port within San Blas and accessible in only a 2-hour drive from Panama City and a 1.5 hour drive from the International Airport of Tocumen.

Regional Developments

The new road provides opportunity for the Riviera San Blas development, encompassing the planned Kokuyé Residences & Marina, Hard Rock Hotel, Coral Lodge and Archipiélago de las Mulatas Resort.

#1 Tourism Hotspot of Panama

The San Blas islands are incredibly magical, with their stunning white sand beaches, brilliant turquoise water and untouched coral reefs, are popular for sailing, snorkeling and island hopping. The people are kind with warm smiles and famous for their bright colorful textile, called ‘molas’. You can enjoy lots of seafood, delicious rice dishes, fresh fruit, and fresh veggies.

Unique Microclimate

Because of its location close to the Bay of San Blas, the Playa San Blas property enjoys a unique regional microclimate, offers ideal weather conditions and provides the highest number of sunshine hours on the Caribbean coast of Panama.

To facilitate a future hotel development, several important permits like an environmental impact study, change of land use, and construction permits have already been approved for you.

Please contact Casa Solution if you have any questions or would like to visit Playa San Blas – A Pristine Caribbean Oceanfront Estate Next to San Blas Archipielago, Colon Province.