Spacious Lot for Sale in San Ignacio, Puerto Armuelles, Chiriqui

List Price: $150,000
Lot Size : 4,828 Sq.M

1.19 Acres

Location: Puerto Armuelles, Pacific Beaches Chiriqui, Chiriqui, Panama

This sizable lot is located in San Ignacio Village, 13 kilometers from the Panama/Costa Rican border in the Pacific Ocean port city of Puerto Armuelles.

The property offers the perfect balance between privacy and community. There are already some high-quality beach houses built in this nice community.

There is very little no light pollution here so on new moon nights you can relax in the cool night time air and gaze up at the Milky Way.  For many, this is a truly awe inspiring experience- seeing the beauty of a tropical sky more clearly than they have in their entire lives.

Please contact Casa Solution if you have any questions or would like to visit this Spacious Lot in Private Community in San Ignacio, Puerto Armuelles, Chiriqui.