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Home » Boquete Panama Real Estate News » $142 million on two Boquete projects? What’s going on?

$142 million on two Boquete projects? What’s going on?

When I told my wife about the plan to invest $25 million into solving Boquete’s water issues, I asked her “Do you think they can really do that?”

She’s Panamanian, born and raised in David with clear insights into the ways of Panama. Her answer was “Well, if they can do the road, (meaning the highway from Boquete to David) then Yes, they can do it.” I confirmed with her that she was saying that if the government is willing to invest $117 million to build the highway to Boquete, what’s another $25 million to fully address water distribution in Boquete?

Now, why would the central government invest over $142 million just on those two projects alone plus who knows how many others to come in order to help a small town of 25,000 people up in the mountains in Panama?

The reason is that Boquete is in the limelight of the world. Boquete is a precious jewel; one of the most special places in Panama, and a shining beacon for Panama regularly touted in the world media. Panamanians are a proud people. It is a matter of national pride that the town scrutinized and admired by so many from both inside Panama and throughout the world look good and work well. Those in power, many with interests in the region, are going to make sure Boquete has what it needs to thrive and to realize it’s potential. And they are going to hold Boquete up to the world as an example of what life can be like in fabulous Panama.

This is a good thing. … especially if you live or invest in Boquete.