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Hidden Gems: Boquete Panama Chosen as 1 of 4 “Underrated Central American Destinations for Digital Nomads”

Boquete is gaining attention as a prime destination for those who can “work from home.”  Seeking an exotic and wonderful lifestyle, Boquete has been attracting so many remote workers.   Some are well-established and seasoned professionals preparing for retirement.  Others are young world travelers working town to town or country to country.

This trend has accelerated with new coworking spaces like the one at the new Selina hotel in downtown Boquete which caters to digital nomads.

Panama’s position as a crossroad for the world has anchored it as a great Internet bandwidth location and Boquete now has great high speed internet options along with its coveted lifestyle.  With Starlink just available in Panama, the internet options have expanded even more widely.

Why These 4 Underrated Central American Destinations Are Perfect For Digital Nomads 


Excerpt: “Nestled among the lush green highlands of Panama, you can find the charming mountain town of Boquete. Not far from the Costa Rican border, Boquete has long been popular with retirees from the U.S. and Canada, although now the digital nomads are starting to discover this peaceful area as well.

Easiest to reach via a quick flight from Panama City and then a stunning drive into the highlands, Boquete is remote but not too remote.

With solid wifi and co-working spaces to find here, digital nomads should have no issues staying connected. With a low cost of living and an array of housing options to choose from, Boquete should be considered by digital nomads looking for some clean mountain air yet not too far from the coast.

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